The Man Bag is here to stay, see the latest options in Celeb and your personal style. This is practical!

The man bag is SUPER practical for urban living, and now FINALLY becoming fashionable in the USA.

What we will go over in this review for 2013 is:  

1. 2013 Trends (ready-made) BLA BLAAA BLAAZE

2. Celeb couture in the man bag.  

3. Developing your custom couture personal style.

1. Latest Trends :(

See this man's clutch! These have been huge on the runways as a formal option for the fashionable male.

See this clip from the London Evening Standard.

All around this has been "The Year of the Clutch."  

  In couture living we don't like to follow, but we do like to add options when they suit us, and this is not the exception.

  I have said before, that with as many "must-have" gadgets we now "need" this is SO Practical for a formal event!  

There is nothing so distasteful than having a tailored suit with BULGING pockets! UGGGGGG!  

Where in the world do we store all this stuff? In the man-clutch! Lovin it!

"man-clutch" the rocketing desirability of a boy-friendly hand-held bag @ London Evening Standard, UK men_clutches_bag_street_style_inspiration_izandrew_blogspot_com_4

2. Male Celebs sporting "THE MAN BAG"

For all of you guys out there lacking courage to sport the man bag to avoid the inevitable "murse" comments, take courage from two of Hollywoods "manliest" Men!  

1. Leiv Schrebier  

2. Hugh Jackman

If you check the photo feeds for Liev Schreiber you will find he is more than often seen out and about with at least one or two large manbags!  

Hey, when your a dedicated  Dad you have got to carry stuff with you!   He favors Cinnamon leather large man-bags! They work so great with his rugged look and complexion!  

You can bet they are custom NOT ready-made!

Also, Hugh Jackman is often seen with a The Man Bag, not just the one he wore as Wolverine in X-men 2, but a custom bag in a casual look around town.

Hugh Jackman
Liev After Talk Radio Liev After Talk Radio Family resemblance, Part Deux hugh jackman - russian gq01 P2150005

What other male celebrities have you seen rocking the man bag?

New! Comments

What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

3. Developing your own personal style that is practical and makes the statement  that is authentically you!

Here is a professional styling TIP:

Don't focus just on what is trendy or HIP, focus on what is really you, your best concept and personal style, because when you are authentically YOU, well that is HIP!

The best thing about a the Couture or Custom man bag is that it is designed and hand-made to be practical, unique, and authentically YOU!

What do I mean by this?

Here is the bag I designed for myself, and you will see what I mean!

Top Ten Things I find myself carrying around in the man bag made for Cal!:

  1. Wallet
  2. Tablet
  3. Cell Phone
  4. Shades
  5. Flask (LOL because when I go out they rarely have organic red wine and GOOD imported Tequila!)
  6. LED task flashlight/Bottle Opener
  7. Keys
  8. Swiss Army Knife
  9. Business Cards (to give to the people always asking about my couture bag)
  10. Custom Hardwood Headphones designed for my fav type of music.

What essentials can you think of?

New! Comments

What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!
The custom man bag is the couture way to promote yourself as unique and authentic and hand-made eco-friendly apparel and accessories. It's super-cool and practical for the urban lifestyle!

Oh and there's more! LOL I don't know what I did before I embraced this custom concept!

I made the manbag with a lot of outside pockets, because I hate having to rummage through my bag to find what I need!

The outside pockets, straps, and netting is made from recycled fine leather.

The inside has custom pockets fit for tablet and phone, a hook for my keys, and pen holders.

The pockets have real compassionate fur alpaca inners for padding, cleaning, and keeping of devices. It's a kind of wool from the South American mountain goat! 

We Really promote texture as an option for personal style. Life is in 3D, so is fashion! It adds such a richness to your message when done in fine materials!

I take it on my longboard as I am riding to get to the connecting train downtown Chicago!

I take it when I am traveling and sightseeing!

I made this design to be practical, fashion forward, functional, and versatile for business, pleasure, social, and casual uses!

If THE MAN BAG is ringing true as authentically you, you can have it custom made hold everything you need to carry around! Click here!

Tell me about what the man bag made for (YOUR NAME HERE) would be like!

Practical, Functional, hand-made-to measure to fit what you need to take around and your personality and personal style as well! It's a couture manbag!

Practical, Functional, hand-made-to measure to fit what you need to take around and your personality and personal style as well! It's a couture manbag!
Even ready-made jackets can be passed off as custom with the right couture accessories! Man bags are practial, functional, and couture at GSb.
At the Venctian in Veags 2013 with couture man bag.

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