Street Fashion sites worth a double take. We are tired of commercial insta-style posing as high-fashion, right?

Here is to actual Street fashion sites! Can I get an amen to that? Why have to sift through so many posts and hashtags on IG to find high-fashion that takes our breath away?

We can always turn to the highly commercial sites covering high-fashion the mainstays like Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, which are covering more and more street fashion. However it is not the real and raw street fashion that you experience walking the streets of major fashion cities. These shots are just outdoor photo-shoots, rarely are they covering real authentic street fashion.  We can say Vogue has gone rouge and Harper's Blaazaar. 

Street fashion sites that have impressive up-to-date REAL street fashion:


This site has a constant stream of street fashion from around the world for a quick glance at or gulp of international and localized established and emerging trends. I love the variety. Most of the photos come from their coverage of fashion weeks in different cities. This is when we can see the best real fashion hit the streets. This is why we rank it among the top street fashion sites available. 

2. This site

Here Cal covers some of the best seasonal street fashion mostly in menswear, but writes about some exceptional women's wear as he photographs it during fashion weeks. Here is an example of how creative he gets. He cover's menswear not just on the streets of fashion hubs like Milan, but he takes high fashion to streets of ancient cities in Spain Italy, Greece, and Turkey. These cities were once the fashion hubs of times past and now he honors their history with new modern trends. This creates such a fresh unique take on street fashion. 

Be inspired by great street fashion and it's history at the same time!

Street Style Istanbul Turkey. Cal in Gsb Wearables denim button-down shirt with brocade color blocking and frayed shoulder seams

Cal styles fashions that coincide with the local culture and architecture. His designs always have interesting elements. He also gets great closeups when out and about so these design elements can be appreciated.

This shot was taken in Istanbul Turkey which for millennia has been the bridge between Asia and Europe. Can you see the connection between the east and west in this shirt design?

Street fashion that fits with it's surroundings feels best. When you wear it and the people that see you as you walk past turn their heads because they pick up on that vibe. 

Street fashion sites that highlight real fashion that matches the city it is worn in are miles and kilometers ahead of the curve. That is why Cal always presents this kind of street fashion on this site. 

What do you want to see out of a street fashion site? Leave your requests below and a little bit about what inspires you. We will promise to deliver a street fashion article just for you!

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3. Instagram

IG is too massive to navigate conventionality through in search of the kind of street fashion that inspires you. Do you like this sites use of a curated Instagram when presenting content on a specific topic? For example look at my Singapore street fashion page. 

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What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

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