Rock couture jeans! How you can contribute to a sustainable fashion future and feel great being you!

Eco fashion couture jeans that ROCK! What better way to contribute to a sustainable fashion future! For those of us that not only want to feel good rocking what we wear, looking singular and exclusive, but also combine these positive couture concepts with a clean conscience! This is what couture living freedom is all about!

See the Latest Techniques in Eco-Couture Sustainable Fashions here!

There are few things that are more inherently culturally American than Jeans and Rock-in-Roll. We are talking about a society that lives and loves their jeans, rocks in their jeans driving down the road, at home, at work, out on the town, at night, in concert, yeah just about everywhere! Click here for a great article on American Jean History.

The problem is that seasonal mass-production of this legacy has left a negative footprint on the planet's future sustainability.

In the wake of the fashion monsters in jeans such as Levi's, True Religion, Calvin Klein, Spykar, and Diesel there are mountains full of discarded last seasons jeans.

Eco Couture Jeans that Rock Sustainable Fashion!

Let us take that negative and make it into a positive. We are talking ECO Fashion ROCKER Couture Jeans here! Imagine how comfortable you are in your best fit fave brand of jeans. Now think of how comfortable if those jeans were remade and tailored JUST for you! YEAH! 

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Eco-Couture Jeans for a sustainable future recycled Materials designed and modeled by designer Cal G.

This is myself as the model for the campaign for the ECO Couture jeans in my personal tailored pair! I couldn't resist! 

Lace-up Eco-Couture Jeans that Rock recycled Materials and Sustainable Fashion. Designed and Modeled my Cal G.

This is such a cause that I believe in, what better way to promote than to be out front as a spokes person, motivational speaker, and model.

Now that we have your attention, let's now make your jeans into an exclusive signature style that you choose based on color, personality, and the message you want to say about yourself. This exclusive rock and roll unique styling will not go out of style next season, and even look better because the natural distress will enhance the eco appeal!

Here is our model Ross for the Couture Fashion Week Campaign in Men's Wear.

Click here to start designing your pair today.

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What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

This is even more exciting than your Escada Couture Swarovski jeans or your Jeans Couture Versace because your in your best personal style element Rockin being you with a CLEAN conscience proud that you are contributing to a sustainable fashion future.

ECO couture jeans and prints on the couture week runway.

This is an example of the eco-jeans in GREEN with outlines of REAL Leaves from Illinois.

Stay Tuned on RSS Feed for exclusive gallery of different Eco couture jeans versions on the runways.

Click here to design your pair of Couture Jeans and make your fashionable contribution to a sustainable future.

Do you see the couture tank top? Now that method of print is actually solar developed and hand dyed in the sun, a great ECO method to incorporate your fav images and art prints into your personal style arsenal.

We are talking jeans that are hand made here in the United States, you are proud to pay for custom exclusive hand made pieces, than to pay $400 every season to keep up with the latest designer trend in jeans leaving a wake of destruction in it's path! When you are proud and excited to be you for a green cause your eyes shine and your face beams delight and joy, this is what gets you noticed and admired by all the right people!

The original rock styling is made with hand made techniques that just cannot be duplicated in mass production. You need to lend a hand in designing your own jeans for an exclusive signature piece, there are design techniques right for every personality style from the bold to the reserved!

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New! Comments

What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

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