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WGN News Segment Epic Moment when the reporter reaches out to pet my son's knit fur tie. It always happens he says!

Epic NYC Couture Week Runway moments with my son Cal on the runway in crutches! 

Bridal Showcase @ Couture Fashion Week, Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, New York, NY, September 6, 2014. Featuring...

Pubblicato da Revenge Fashion Magazine su Venerdì 12 settembre 2014

My sister-in-law and I with Coco Rocha.
I am such a fan of her work and the principles she stands for in fashion. 

These Eco-Spa Gowns are a wearable spa treatment with wearable technology. See this news segment and presentation. 

SPRING j-na couture and GSb Men's wearables accessories collections!

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Find out all about the spring accessory that is illuminating events across the globe:

The Swarovki mini-wrap

Swarovski Crystal Mini-wrap by j-na couture 2013 Spring!
GSb Men's Couture 2013 knit tie and vest.
Spring summer j-na couture Swarovski versatile accessory, worn as wrap, bodice, belt, or around neck as textured jewelry. Custom accessories.

NOW LAUNCHING! j-na couture haute couture collections of gowns and evening wear!

Coming Soon to Dubai Abu Dhabi U.A.E., Buenos Aires Argentina and other select international locations.

j-na couture 2012 haute couture fall winter.
j-na couture fall winter accessories fashion wrap fur with embellishment
j-na couture GSB fall winter collections ad campaign.

Announcing: j-na Couture and GSb Men's Couture Fall Collection 2012! Handmade Haute Couture Gowns, Dresses, Wraps, Sweaters, Vests, and Accessories with an emphasis on hand-knit natural compassionate furs with gemstone embellishments!

Photography by Joe Stemmer, premier San Diego Fashion Photographer featuring models: Georgie Santos, Reanna Day, Mikayla Carr, and Jose Parra. Makeup and hair by artists: Lori Cox and Ashlie Jimenez!

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ANNOUNCING LAUNCH of j-na couture Spring Summer resort wear haute couture! A collection based on extravagant comfort with a yacht club beach resort theme! Interchangeable separates that bring you from a day on the marina, through dining and dancing, and remaining extravagantly put together! See the best in Couture Living! Click on Photos to see collection!

The yacht club couture on the marina haute couture j-na launch beach
resort collection 201

Collection: Completeness Resort wear! J-na's prized collection of complete haute couture! 20 years of conceptual development!

Click on photo to see the FALL/WINTER Couture Collection of Handmade: Two-piece Haute Couture Gowns, Haute Couture Dresses, Couture Sweaters, Couture Vests, all shown with complete j-na couture accessories!

Everything is a concept called "Interchangeable Completeness!"
Find out what that means to you. Click on Photo!

j-na couture 2011 haute couture collection three piece gown.
j-na couture 2011 fall/winter collection gown
j-na 2011 fall winter haute couture accessories

j-na couture acessories gallery! Fall Winter 2011/2012. Click Photo!

j-na couture winter accessories and mohair coat with gemstone embellishments
winter fashion wraps handmade j-na couture feathers silk

j-na couture acessories gallery!

Bridal Fantasy Collection Accessories!
Click Photos!

bridal fantasy couture accessories j-na
j-na couture bridal accessories 201

With all these slender models, does j-na couture favor the voluptuous full figure? It not only favors, but j-na couture excels in Plus Size Couture! Plus learn the keys to full figure flattery

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What makes a Couture Designer really Authentic? The j-na fundamentals of couture design.

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J-na Couture runway collections and magazine editorials.

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GSb Wearables and Jior Couture Menswear Caleb Garcia Taylor collections.

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