Haute Couture access, personal style development, & empowerment by expert designer J-na Garcia Taylor!

Exclusive exposure to the world of haute couture, along with personal style development and guidance.

Ninety percent of communication is non-verbal. This site is a resource for those that understand that our appearance goes before us and announces who we are, where we are going, and what we are about.

Learn and become fluent in the language of fashion and style and develop the best concept in personal couture styling. My site will assist in this developmental process.  

Belong to couture club,  a relatively small percentage of people in the world who know:

  • Who we are.
  • What we are about.
  • Where we are going.
  • Those of us who represent ourselves properly, strategically, and authentically by what we wear and how we style ourselves.

We can be anything we want in this life, as long as we show up and look the part. Happy are the ones who find the truth in that statement.

shine and sparkle as your authentic self in 2013. This is couture living freedom by j-na couture!

Who am I, and who is my son Caleb Garcia Taylor? 

Am I being presumptuous declaring my expertise? We will let the readers be the judge after having  read my story.

The fact that I literally passed through the fire of a childhood tragic incident leaving the lower half of my body severely scarred and disfigured, and rebuilt my shattered self-identity and esteem by teaching myself Vogue patterns at age nine. I had to develop my best couture living freedom concept in personal style to compensate for my disfigurement.

Despite my schooling and educational background, this wisdom alone qualifies me to assist others in their personal haute couture style development, which I have done for hundreds of individuals. It's now the purpose of this website to do the same for millions!

Enjoy this liberating Haute Couture adventure as we embrace a high-fashion concept of what is truly us reflected exactly by what we wear!

Join the haute couture club community! As I invite all to set up a personal free meet-and-greet via video chat today and experience a personal styling coaching session from expert designers, myself and my son Caleb (Cal)!

Let's do a meet- and-greet and a free coaching session. 

Learn the language of fashion and style and become a skilled writer of a glorious and fabulous personal destiny with ease, skill, and grace.

This site includes:

  • All original,  j-na couture and GSb Men's Couture, Eco friendly and Wearable-Technology Designs.
  • Top couture fashion reviews.
  • Fashion resources.
  • Research.
  • Experiences from myself, J-na, a couture designer.

Witness our true couture self-concept develop, as we benefit from the years of couture experience and knowledge that my fashion design team and I have to share.

We will collect liberating insights from the decades of adventures in fashion I have acquired. We will also catch fresh edgy fashion insights from my son and head menswear designer Caleb Garcia Taylor whom I call Cal!

We also warmly invite our readers to participate in all the pages of this site by adding their own views and opinions, as that is how we grow and develop our best couture concept and really learn what works for us individually.

What is this term we refer to as Haute Living, or Haute Couture Living as a lifestyle philosophy?

Imagine we are figuratively gracefully walking through life with a huge shopping cart. No matter how many things we fill it with, and no matter where we go, it remains light and easy to maneuver. It doesn't weight us down, in fact, the cart serves as a welcome support for us to lean on. In this cart we are constantly collecting elements of life from the world around us, that inspire and amaze us. Nuances that we wish to share with the ones that we love and our peers. The things that we take joy in celebrating about ourselves and our journeys. The things that fill the spaces we live with the same joy and wonder that we experienced the first time we discovered them! These are the things and moments that make up the foundation of Couture Living!

With the help of this site we want each of you to truly attain the joy and liberation of HAUTE COUTURE LIVING, it is achieved from a well developed personal style wisdom! In effect, to become capable of styling ourselves to reach our personal goals and objectives, however, essentially we are dressing to please ourselves! Free from the stifling and squelching  rules that the "style critics" would impose upon us to keep us in their "box". Believe me, a style box is not a fun place to be!

To truly attain to Haute Couture Living, we ditch the box and step out into the glorious light of day, take in the world around us, embrace the beauty that is around us, and make it our own reflected by the garments we have designed for ourselves. 

We know ourselves so well and have such a strong point of view, that our designer finds it inspiring to work with us in bringing our vision to life.

We are talking about daily making our dreams a reality, in a spirit of curiosity and personal fulfillment!

Couture is frivolous, but what good is storing up and maintaining wealth, if not to live while we are alive in a constant state of inspiration and wonderment?

An artist may not give us the best financial advice, but an artist will teach us how to live! Let me be your artist, if only for a day! Let it be known:

There is a lifetime of discovery that can be lived in a single moment!

Let’s start with defining haute couture and it's history. What is it? Where did it come from? What has it become? Why is it an important part of your identity and self-concept?

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