The LBD cocktaildress: Why won't it just go away! How we do much better.

We will see an army of the LBD cocktaildress downtown on any weekend, and to be honest we don't really see the beautiful women wearing the lbd because she blends into her friends, the thousand other women out that night, and the night time landscape.

What is it that prompts a certain women to want to dressed just like all her peers?

Does she just want to be accepted that bad? Maybe.....but, we believe that it goes back to a discovery by Marianne Williamson:  It isn't our greatest fear that we are inept or inadequate, but that we are in fact powerful beyond measure.

The couture cocktaildress is so fab because it doesn't resemble readymade.

Chat with me about your couture cocktail dress. Message me and let's set up a video chat!

To have a winning look let's explore some all original design elements.

In truth the shiny or mate LBD needs to be permanently discontinued, because it's a design that thrives on insecurity.

See the only way that we will do an lbd in the bts video below, when it's styled with some awesome couture accessories that distract from the fact that it's an LBD! Hahaaaa

Now let's explore some of our original design elements for a cocktail number, and get inspired to ditch the LBD.

Adding color and shape to a cocktail dress is absolutely what we want to do give depth to our look and bring the look beyond readymade and custom.

In this midriff bearing cocktail silhouette we see a cobalt blue inspiration with a woven tulle oversized bolero, the tulle is also macrame down the bodice.

This is a runway couture look, the actual look done for a client of ours is edited and adapted to be basically a different dress entirely, but that is the norm with high-fashion couture designs, they start out as inspiration and a foundation for a personality based design.

We design bold forward runway looks because we have to make up for the lack of ingenuity that is the norm in the stifling conservative city of Chicago, this creative energy spreads out to our national and international clients because we love designing for bold confident women.

Mix up knit prints and patterns in a knit textured cocktail dress.

Here we see some metallic sparkle with a black background, because black is best as a background or used in color blocking.

We love sweater dresses because:

  1.  For their texture
  2.  Are very body conscience
  3.  Are warm and comfortable for fall winter
  4. We can combine great prints, patterns, and texture

Just because a cocktail dress is above the knee doesn't mean it cannot have length. Remember the bottom of a dress is determined by how high the slit is and how high it goes.

See the fringe as an original design element. Also the high slit wrap skirt can be incorporated.

These are just a few ways to expand our horizons on sweater dresses, and design elements as fantastic cocktail dresses . There are many more possibilities up next.

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