The fashion accessory designer Cal Garcia, with wearables that become the future having a heart for a global charity. How big a difference can make?

Cal a fashion accessory designer is promoting wearables for a charitable cause. Everyone can contact us to the contribute for the new training facility for struggling Latin American mom's to support their families needs at home while making these exclusive men's accessories.  Learn about how through each wearables purchase an artist from your community is sponsored with a wearable tech platform to promote themselves in our virtual society. 

Cal says,  "You can, in our digital society, empower yourself, empower the creative, and empower the less fortunate. All in less then 5 minutes gain a lasting sense of satisfaction from connecting with the ones you are empowering. It's Jior (Your) Couture"

Cal, as the fashion accessory designer is also passionate about being the spokesperson for the global charity. Cal even goes as far as to model his looks, and he happens to be my son! In this photoshoot, which he shot himself with my dog Hemi, who loves to be in the photos. Can you understand the hands on approach to our couture? We value the hand made work, that is why we create opportunity to help struggling moms making these beautiful items by hand. Eco and sustainable principals. We value handmade artistry, and feel such skill should be rewarded with dignity.

Fashion Accessory Designer Cal Modeling his  lookbook for wearable-tech Charitable Accessories with cherished pup Hemi at his side in j-na couture K9 Couture.

Get the Look.

Jior (Your) Couture hand knit smart tie with smartphone readable tap and share platform for personal and professional promotion. Each Tie set supports a mom in 3rd World Latin America and sponsors an artist in your community.

Cal's take on the shoot with Hemi for the "Breathe Heavy and Drink Deep" Collection:

"It was a beautiful day in winter, unusual strange mild weather with few streaks in the sky. The Frozen waterfalls were stunning! With the sudden warmth in temperature, the frozen waterfalls were cracking and melting! I could tell that this made Hemi nervous, she had to always be right next to me, which made set-up, the photography, and changes very challenging but fun! This is what I signed up for having decided to shoot and model the couture fashions myself with a fine pup experiencing spring fever. I must have been delirious, experiencing that Spring fever myself! 

I must say though, there is nothing quite so liberating as getting wet and muddy in VERY expensive fine garments! I definitely recommend this, the feeling is so frivolous, earthy, and serene, really putting things in perspective.

We used ECO principals in designing and constructing the collection. Does getting the clothes muddy truly make this collection ECO in every sense of the word?"

Cal's Collection is an East meets Europe meets the West. Elements like Rich Metallic Brocades, Sheer cutouts, Wide Leg high waist pants, and Denim Western styling make this a truly global fusion. A trip around the world in a day, celebrating cultural differences in a spirit of unity.

Make Lasting social and professional connections in our virtual society. Empower yourself, empower the creative, empower the less fortunate, it's Jior (Your) Couture.  Click here to shop this accessory in the custom couture online shop area.


Get the look through our secure instagram shop for a discounted promotion. Follow the instructions in the post.

Men's luxury wrist smart-band bracelet. Handmade wearable technolgy. A Lion's Charm. TO BUY: Comment with your email address, and you'll receive a secure checkout link. Price: $69.00. Pewter Lion's charm wrapped deerskin leather smart-band bracelet has three features: 1. Tap-and-share and tap-and-pay smart phone readable wearable technology empowers you the wearer to make lasting and instant connections in our virtual society. Read more about this feature, comment with your email address. 2. Impeccable forward style in couture fashion. Luxury soft deer skin leather using haematite magnetic beads as a second backup closure. Embrace the charm of a lion as you navigate the world at the top of the food chain. Pewter lion included in this design. 3. Fashion with heart global charitable effort. Know that with each wearable textile purchase you are supporting a struggling mom in Latin America, and a sponsored artist in your community. Read more about this, leave your email in comments field. Empower yourself empower the less fortunate empower the creative all made possible because of your Lion's charm and heart! Comment #subscribe + your email address to subscribe to instant updates via email when we post new products! Promote our products and earn same day commissions: Direct link: Instagram selling powered by @spreesyco #simplefits #adidas #povoutfit #adiseason #outfitfromabove #outfitsociety #snobshots #highsnobiety #hypebeast #ootd #yeezy350 #outfitplace #yeezyboost #style #adidasoriginals #yeezus #styleinspiration #ootdmens #outfitoftheday #mensfashion #representclo #minimalvibes #yeezy #mensstyle #beautiful #sunglasses #relax

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See the concept of these wearables as expressed in our women's designs for J-na Couture and GSB Men's Couture unique individual accessories here.

See more looks from this collection and stay tuned for the latest advancements in the charitable initiative. Cal also designs women's wear and women's wear accessories. He is a complete fashion accessory designer that is all about the latest advancements in technology and exclusive personal luxury style. 

What's the difference between Samsung watches and Samsung Gear? Kind of the difference between what 007 wears, and what Q's lab technicians wear haha. Chick here.

See the Armani 2016 Campaign here.

Get more of the Jior (Your) Couture Heart Beat and Story here.

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