The pearl necklace that is always a classic choice, now made to satisfy our need to be edgy and chic!

The pearl necklace in black pearls! Always one of my favorite styles to design in and wear! 

This necklace designed by me is always one of my top sellers and rates highest in wearability as it matches everything.

The most classic style, I like to use pendants that detach, but this pendant there is no need for it to be detachable since it is also so classic in gold, pewter, and small ruby gemstones.

The only other pearl necklace that is this versatile, is the large oversized pearls that Coco Chanel wore as her signature style, and those were FAKE! Hahaaaa! She wore them well, and with confidence. That is what it takes to accessorize any look. 

A signature is only recognized as a signature when worn with confidence and in good taste! 

The other classic style that I most often make for my couture clients is this torsade. So elegant and rich, that can be made to match or compliment the couture outfit since we hand dye our own pearls! What an abundant display of elegance and class.

By the way, we have been doing these knit cropped tops for our customers for over a decade. We started the trend that now you see has gone viral in fashion on the runways. 

The Pearl Necklace that is now trending has the time period appeal of the old world.

The most modern trend in pearl necklaces takes us back to ancient Egypt and old world orgone technologies. 

The spiritual technology of orgone, namely the "Tesla Coil" hand coiled copper, creates pizeoelectric current and amplifies the properties of the crystal gem stones and stones, even black pearls. 

This is my son Cal again, and the latest design concept, and Egyptian 3rd-eye chakra orgone shungite, lava stone, amethyst, quartz, and black pearl necklace. The enhanced properties of this necklace are oh so noticeably  tangible. I felt an instantaneous grounding effect from the earth energies of the shungite and lava rock.

I felt an instant sense of destress and calm because of the solid EMF protection of the orgone combined with the shungite. It was amazing.

The reason we see so many aging so rapidly is because the dangerously high levels of EMF our bodies are bathed in constantly, also the reason we have so many people experiencing anxiety and brain fog and fatigue. EMF literally is heavy on the system and weighs in causing us to fatigue easy and lack strength. I felt an instant clarity and calm set in when I put this on.

harmoni pendant

I also am a big fan of the harmoni pendant, and bought one for all my family members. I also use the harmoni pendant when I make custom pieces for my clients, since it has the best scientific results to transmute and diminish the effects of EMF on the body and mind. 

Back to the pearl necklace torsades.

I like to put on a HUGE gemstone on a beautiful hand-dyed torsade, custom commissions from clients when we do their head-to-toe special occasion looks, but that is just me again! 

In all my plus 40 years of design experience I have yet to master the concept of minimalism, I just never saw the appeal of it personally. 

Oh well. Maybe next lifetime!

Whether our tastes and personal style is trendy, high-fashion, avant guarde, or old world there is a fitting pearl necklace for each of us.

As long as the pearls are not FAKE like Coco Chanel, now if there is a budget constraint, fresh-water pearls are fabulous.

Send me a note and request an online video chat, we can talk personality style and the best design concept for a pearl necklace fitting the occasion. It seriously makes my day when I get to hear from one of my website blog readers, you have no idea! 

BTW I always say it's best to invest in accessories over clothes, since we can creatively style our clothes to look totally different and new by switching up the accessories! This is an art that we can learn how to do. We also get way more use out of a staple accessory piece than an article of clothing.

Using a great and classic staple pearl necklace is also a wonderful way to look taller and thinner! I can also share this styling tip with everyone who requests a free meet-and-greet 10-15 minute video chat. 

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