Celeb Couture is tantalizing!
See the latest Celebs in j-na couture and GSb Men's Couture.

Celeb Couture is where trends start or stop, where all eyes go to see the Heroes and Heroines of the red carpet look their finest and very best. That is because couture is really about bringing out the best in people.

It's the only time that they really can show the world who they really are. The red carpets are where we can really connect with them when they are at their best! That is what makes it so intriguing. You know that in the movies they wear only what the wardrobe director decides on, but on rare occasions are they really seen and dressed being themselves.

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This page is dedicated to the latest Celebrities wearing j-na couture and GSb Men's Couture.

One of the celebs that we are most proud of to have grace our designs is Marisa Buchheit, a renowned Opera Singer here in our hometown of Chicago, but also was named Miss Chicago 2012.

Marisa Buchheit Miss Chicago 2012 on the red carpet in j-na couture.

A strict fellow vegan buddy and animal rights activist that made us reassure her that no animals were harmed in the making of our couture! We just had so much fun working with her on her gown and the gowns of the other singers in the production.

Miss Chicago 2012 in j-na couture.
Miss Chicago 2012 Marisa Buchheit  at Fashion of the Opera with her Designers Cal and J-na from j-na couture,

Big shout out of Thanks to Marisa and Annette Kirsten Photography for accompanying us that night!

This turned out to be a rush order with less than two weeks of time to turn out! With handmade couture the standard is usually from 4-6 weeks per garment! Nevertheless we did manage to pull it off despite the dark circles and exhausted demeanor we had the night of the Fashion of the Opera production featuring the most talented performers (See the other Opera Singers in j-na couture!) and a fantastic Italian styled runway show featuring our accessories. See the runway photos here!

One of the recent Celebs seen in his celeb couture GSb vest is none other than the male supermodel LGBT human rights activist turned actor and director known as the "King of Heart" , a Chicago Native, Ronnie Kroell. Doesn't he look Regal in his Couture Men's Fur Vest?

Ronnie Kroell in GSb Men's Couture Fall 2012 Collection Fur Vest, Velvet, and Leather.

The vest is a couture model from our GSb Men's Couture Fall Winter Collection. Of Course no two garments are ever made the same.

To really capture the best concept and personality of Ronnie we did a brief personality analysis and design consultation. We found that Ronnie likes bright blues and greens mostly and the blues work the best with his complexion and eyes.

Although he at times likes to make a bold statement on the Hollywood scene, he primarily feels comfortable in a more conservative look. So we opted to design the vest to be reversible, on one side a supple navy leather, that he can wear to his event and then half way through when the timing is right, flip that thing around and BAM! He has a look that makes the scene POP in bright teal silk crushed velvet as seen in his photo! This was such a fun design for such a special person with a down-to-earth spirit and of course a BIG Heart!

Being that his logo and sur-name is "The King of Heart" we also added extra fur to the high shoulder Kingly Medieval Royal look.

Was he happy with the celeb couture? Well I was worried if he didn't like it he wouldn't say so because I know he is such a nice guy. He laid all my doubts to rest through his endorsement he posted to his facebook and fan page:

"Loving my J-na Haute Couture and fashion accessories one of a kind design! Thank you so so so much Gsb Men's Couture."

Just For Fun!

If you are wondering what real fur is used in our Design for Ronnie as is our signature in all designs, here is a cute excerpt from Facebook minutes after he released the photo on his profile.

We use compassionate real fur on our designs as a signature in Mohair and Alpaca.

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