Couture fashion Dubai is now world renowned as inspired by it's great city. 
Will it be seen in American Cities like Chicago?

Couture Fashion Dubai has seen an wave of world attention with such exotic beauty and mystery that surrounds the persona of such an exquisite luxurious cultural city.


The market this has created has favored such emerging middle eastern couture fashion houses such as Zuhair Murad and Elie Saab, whose designs are a favorite in our review section and have been seen on celebrities and runways from Hollywood to Paris Haute Couture Week as featured headline events.

Here are a few favorite looks from the recent July 2015 Presentation at Paris Haute Couture Week from Zuhair Murad's Fall Winter 2015/16 Collections.


There is once collection this season more glorious than this! It has the same romance, MORE drama, and LESS skin! Zuhair Murad 2013!

Have Couture fashion Dubai had an influence on Western Designers, and their inspirations?

We can tell you in all certainty yes, absolutely! Take it from us, we are couture fashion designers based out of the largest most conservative fashion market in the United States, Chicago Designer, ironically we design in an Avant Guard fusion of east-meets-west cultural, time-period meets the future in wearables,  and eco bo-ho chic knits.

Of course for our Chicago Market Midwestern US clientele we produce very conservative pieces, but it is not our signature to do conservative pieces. You can see that there are elements of Couture Fashion Dubai inserted whenever we can, which is basically whenever we please.

See the 3F's! The Three Celebrity Couture Trending elements in all Dubai Couture Fashion!

See which Celebrity Fashion Style Trend is being seen applied in the Dubai social scene!

This stunning editorial was taken in the intimate yet opulent grand rooms of Alhambra Palace, a replica of the Great Palace in Granada Spain. The Architecture in this middle eastern palace is representative of the j-na couture resort wear inspired couture fashion Dubai elements! Swarovski Crystals dangling everywhere in this ensemble.

This close up of j-na couture resort wear in silks and cashmere, with Swarovski hand-cuff clutch is an example of this couture fashion dubai movement.

What Middle-Eastern Design Elements do you see in this design?

New! Comments

What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

New! Comments

What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

This design is so justified on these rich benches found at the cultural mecca in Chicago's Alhambra Palace.

This all original technique is available for custom gowns designed to personality, best colors, design for body-shape. 

For Dubai Fashionistas: We are often in Dubai delivering an experience we call the Eco-Spa Interactive Smart Gown for clients. 

  1. The Experience starts at a luxury 5 Star Spa with a Rejuvenation renewing body-wrap. 
  2. This is how we take the dress form for the gown that WHEN YOU WEAR IT,....treats your skin with many of the same herbal properties and aroma therapy!
  3. The gown is embedded with a wearable tech that allows your peers to instantly and quite literally TAP into the information you wish to share about yourself on their smart-phones, they will also see a documented video snippet of your spa-gown in the making!

For inquiries email ,  call 815-513-2776 or fill out the form on the concact page

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New! Comments

What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

J-na Couture runway collections and magazine editorials.

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