Zuhair Murad COUTURE 2013 full of mystery and romance!

Zuhair Murad Couture 2013! Did King Midas himself pay a visit this year and lend a hand in creating this collection?  I have never seen so much glittering gold on gowns before in just one Spring collection! Rich and royal indeed!

Zuhair Murad Couture SpringSummer 20131

Let us review a few of these "Gilded Lilies" in his collection, and compare them to your personality and taste in evening wear.  What is your fashion personality at a fabulous gala?

Starting with my personal favorite, which I would happily wear in a heartbeat, this very opulent and royal gown and long cape are guaranteed to stop traffic!

This could be worn by a queen, and combines a regal brocade cape with powerful, bold padded shoulders.  Yet the soft colors and sheer chiffon fabric of the gown soften the drama and lend elegance and femininity. 

This ensemble is perfect for the ultra-confident woman who owns her power, and is not ashamed of it!  Yet she prefers her dramatic nature to be streamlined and softened with luxury and class! (Did you guess that defines my personality?)

Zuhair Murad Haute Couture S/S 2013:文藝復興的金色女神!- 46

Now, Zuhair Murad Couture 2013 has something for every woman's taste, and if you are not afraid of capturing all eyes and getting tons of compliments, this next one is for you!

I am simply bowled over by this feathered short cape with gilded feathers!  See how the fabric of the gown ( a bit too sheer for me!) has mimicked the feathers with golden appliques...a charming twist!  This outfit is NOT for the shy or reserved types...only the MOST confident need apply!  If you are not afraid of wild attention, this is for you!

fashionbygettyimages: Zuhair Murad spring/summer Haute Couture. Source: gettyimages.com

I adore this white flowing chiffon for its romantic and more demure feminine appeal!  With just a touch of gold at collar and waist, it reeks of dreamy fairy-tale charm!  For those women who prefer a softer and more classic style, this one wins hands down!  I love the way Zuhair Murad had something for every personality!


The last of my favorites this Spring for Zuhair Murad Couture 2013 is this whimsical, enchanting "butterfly" gown.....it looks like our model just visited a fairytale version of the famous Monarch Sanctuary Forest in Michocan, Mexico! 

A forest where all the butterflies are golden!  For the poetic lover of all things fantastical, this gown is perfect! 

The placement of the "butterflies" is masterfully done in a random and natural way, and I could see a "Mother-Earth''/ "goddess" personality adoring this one!


These color combinations just sing! Do you know how you can find your very best color combination? We start with what is called a "color draping"! That combined with a personality profile you can really go far in defining your best couture concept. We will be talking more about these methods in couture empowerment very shortly so stay tuned!

So,....did you see yourself wearing one of these?  Haute Couture really enlivens our imaginations and helps us zero in to our own fashion identity! 

It is always a delight for me to review the masterpieces of Zuhair Murad Couture 2013! See other j-na inspirational reviews and find your best couture concept!

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