Couture suits go beyond bespoke tailoring and really have the power to define a man.

Couture suits are different than custom-tailored bespoke suits. The difference is not found in the quality, but the details that make it one-of-a-kind reflecting your personality, personal taste, and best couture concept.

Why pay to have custom clothes made that look like everything else that is mass-produced?

You may say the fit of a made-to-measure suit is awesome, but you can find high-quality ready-made suits in every high-end store and have them tailored for the same fit. It feels just as good! Believe me. Here at GSb we believe if your going to get a custom piece, you should opt for couture, and it should get you a lot of attention! Whether your personality is bold and outgoing, task-oriented and driven, cautious and detailed, or reserved and muti-faceted, couture suits will fit, respect, and honor not just your form but also your persona. Creating the ultimate in couture living!

Yes couture suits are more costly,..... but it's the price you pay to get noticed!

If you're still very up-and-coming in the wealth department, you can create the same concept using a tailored ready-made suit and styling it out with couture accessories. Keep up with the latest options the men's fashion accessories revolution is creating. See our GSb trends page.

You may still be asking, but what is the difference between couture suits and custom bespoke suits?

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It's all in the details that make it completely exclusive for you, not just in the fit, but the look!

To answer that question in detail, let's take a look at a few details from our summer GSb men's couture suit, designed and modeled by yours truly Cal Garcia.

This suit tells the story of my life, personality, likes and dislikes!

Lets analyze it and find out what we can learn about Cal.

This will be an INTERESTING learning experience! LOL

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Even from further back this suit says volumes about Cal's personality.

  • Tropical weight fine linen that breathes- Cal was living in a hot place.
  • Light blue back of suit- Shows he is practical, since it reflects the sun and is cooler. Also, capitalizing on the recent high-water trend the design is even cooler still, and can be worn for a beach casual versatile look.
  • The back and collar- Shows that he has a bold part of his personality that likes to stand out as unique.

"Heck I moved to Mexcio to open a haute couture boutique, gaining a way better education than any fashion school I know could provide! I figured if we can make this work here, we can make it work anywhere! A bold move!"

couture suit with fur fringe tropical weight linen, with couture knit leather bag

Click on the photos to enlarge in a slideshow gallery!

  • Although Cal was living in Mexico, Cal is not Mexican, he is half Puertorican, who previously lived in San Juan, as you can see this suit is in a Caribbean styling with a tropical fedora trimmed in real fur and silk.
  • Cal is a designer heavily influenced by the great designers in Europe as revealed by the Italian fit of the linen suit and the totally original knit leather and silk Euro messenger bag.
  • Even though Cal has been living in PR, and Mex, he was raised in Chicago, where he is now (GO CHI TWN), as shown by the conservative navy classic color and the smoking jacket lapel, pockets, and buttons.

BTW! If a full couture suit is out of your reach right now, couture accessories are the way to go! Now the latest trend in wearable technology! Make impressive and lasting connections, business or social. Eliminate the need for that antiquated papper buiness card, and the clunky wallet with tap-and-share and tap-and-pay smartphone readable technology. Wearables are now going beyond fitness to exclusive practical luxury couture style!

Custom accessories can be just as distinguishing, make your fitted ready-made suit look couture, and can be worn every day in different ways!

Now that is a good investment in yourself!

couture suit GSb 2012 spring summer linen suit with fur fringe smokers jacket dual color suit.
  • This suit has the signature GSb alpaca fur trim. Cal likes to connect and interact with people. As people do turn their head for this look every time. And when he is stopped, they can't resist reaching out to pet the real fur he sports. Which gets personal real quick when people try to pet his signature hand knit "Fur neck ties."
  • Cal loves cooler weather knits, that look posh and rich, but just can't be worn in a tropical climate, so he just includes a few touches throughout the light-weight linen suit! Totally unique concept.

Get your version of that hand knit silk and alpaca tie!

GSb fine linen tropical weight couture suit 2012.
  • Finally as you can see from the classic "Huaraches" Mexican shoes and sandals. In this picture Cal was strutting around in MX in his summer GSb Men's Couture suits!

WOW! You learned all that about Cal by an analysis of Cal's couture suits! That is because he knows who is and what he is about, and his couture clothes reflect exactly that! He embraces COUTURE LIVING!

What does your suit say about you? Hopefully it says you know who you are, where you are going, and what you are about. Let's hope it doesn't say that you are boring and look like everyone else!

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