The Armani Fall Suits Review.

In this Armani fall suits review we can really appreciate just how good he is at introducing new combinations of winning details in a way that is so high-fashion yet striking an appealing that the suits are not only highly wearable but remain the envy of an incredibly large number of men worldwide.

Giorgio Armani Spring Summer 2011

See the fall winter campaign for below included in this Armani Fall Suits Review and you will know what I mean. Instead of the flannel material that has been so popular these last seasons we see a cut above in a checkered twill material in the same winter weight wool.

Notice the cut of the suit, most are just getting accustomed to the thin lapel lines, and Armani has to set the trens toward the wider lapels that are elongated, my favorite feature are the buttons, large wooden buttons make this design pop out and seal the deal for the bidding price on your full respect and admiration.

This is for the antiquated conservative boring guys that claim that high-fashion is less than manly. Armani is all up in your face with this smashing virile design!

Giorgio Armani Spring Summer 2011

In this next photo we see a combination of the slimmer fit suit jacket with the contrasting voluminous trousers for a heavy impact on this power packed look.

We also saw a variety of great fabrics from tweed, to jersey, to stretch velvet, to knits. This is collection just ropes you in as a loyal fan, even if you weren't one already. So there you have it the Armani Fall suits review by Cal gets the "Favorite Collection in Years" award.

Let me clarify and differentiate though, although these designs are awesome they are ready-made and cannot be called men's couture. You would have to go to Armani Prive Custom for a true Men's Couture Armani Suit.

A Custom Couture suit just not in the budget this month? Well unless you have an extra 10 Spot, not talking ones or hundreds lol, it may not be.

Did you know the best way to make your ready-made wear look and feel custom is through custom couture accessories? Accessories in your best color(s), your size, and most importantley your personality!

I am happy to say that you can now customize rich unique designs in our online men's couture accessories shop. Check it out! If you would still like a face to face design meeting via web, we can still do that too.

Please let me know what you think of our GSb Men's Couture Suits.

Now what do you think of the Emporio Armani Spring 2013 Menswear line. Everybody is coming out with the return of the sheer shirt, that was SO happy remained a distant memory from the 80's! Do you think this is going to be big, or going to be a big bomb?

#EmporioArmani A/I 2013 Video Campaign on #LagoBluBlog

I don't know about Europe but I can't see this design being flattering for the recent abundance of "fuller figured males" we see barely walking around the US. Even though Armani gets the credit for the manliest of these sheer designs I can't see myself in any of these. That is just me, but what about you?

Would you wear these shirts out in public?

Loved the Armani Fall suits review? Get the scoop on GSb Men's Couture Ties.

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