The face mask in fashion. Top three tips to find one that will enhance the face. 

The face mask in fashion. They are here to stay. I have been wearing them long before the pandemic made them mainstream because I am so concerned about air pollution. The air pollution fashion mask market has exploded with every designer in town turning out all kinds of interesting options.

I have seen many Japanese fashion masks that are so cool. People everywhere are searching using the keywords 'fashion mask near me.' I saw a Korean fashion mask that was a 3D printed wearables mask that was mind blowing. Cal is working on rolling out a 3D printed couture mask that will be the ultimate accessory. More on this very soon as we prepare for it's launch. 

For now though we will use one of Cal's latest face mask in fashion designs to illustrate our top three tips in fashion mask styling that will enhance the face and not detract from it. 

Tip #1: Choose the colors that will enhance our eyes and complexion. 

You can either choose colors that are the same as our eyes or colors that contrast our eyes. 

This accessory literally frames out our eyes. The goal is to make our eyes pop. They are the first thing people notice when they see you anyways. Now we can really make our eyes do all the talking for us. Since they can't see the smile under our "Slave Mask" they can see the smile in our eyes if we have the right mask colors on. 

See Cal in this photo. His custom mask is a statement piece owning up to the fact that have allowed our governments to reduce us into their slaves in return for the false promise of comfort and safety.  I think this design is so cool! 

He chose the dark army green as the primary color because green is technically a neutral color so it will match whatever he has on, but more importantly it makes the green in his hazel eyes pop out! This color is also great for his complexion. 

Tip #2 in styling the perfect face mask in fashion! Absolutely NO horizontal lines or prints. 

People have been having way too much fun with horizontal stripes and prints that make horizontal lines with their face mask in fashion.

Although these masks are fun and colorful and might lift up our mood making it a bit easier to put in on and walk out the door knowing we are wearing a "Slave MASK," however they make our face look wide and detract from our eyes. No one wants the fat face look. We all want our faces to look as long and slender as possible. 

I am always on my soapbox on these horizontal lines. I can't emphasize this enough. Our eyes follow the lines. So horizontal lines on a face mask draw the eyes to where? Our hair and ears? HA HA! That only detracts from our eyes. 

See how Cals mask is color blocked and with that center line going up and down making his face look slim and drawing the eyes to his eyes. Besides how fashionable this mask is, this is the reason he always makes eye contact with people as he passes by. 

He also has it cut out of his jaw line so that people can distinguish his jaw line and cheekbones. This also creates another hidden up-and-down line that just makes the face look great and directs attention to the eyes. 

Awesome job Cal on this design! Whoever wants Cal to design them a custom mask, Fill out the design consultation form for the best face mask in fashion. 

Tip #3: Color block the face. 

We know how to do this with a dress but we have to think of the face as it's own separate entity to color block because it is separated from our body by our neck. We can design our mask to have the lighter color that matches our eyes on the inside and the darker color that contrasts our eyes on the outside for the ultimate in eye popping and face slimming appeal. 

I am so excited to share these professional styling tips with everyone. Leave a comment in the discussion below or schedule a time with me to chat face to face on zoom to talk fashion! Particularly the best personal concept for a fashion mask since the face mask in fashion is here to stay. 

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