The two top current high fashion trends for our new home-centric lifestyle.

The top two current high fashion trends for our new home-centric lifestyle are:

Current high fashion trends silk loungewear and overcoat outfits. All-in-one outfits we can do everything in.
  1. Silk Loungewear - not just pajamas, we are talking an all-in-one-outfit comfortable enough to lounge all day in and presentable enough to do a video conference in and go live on social media in. Loungewear with a substantial collar, print, pockets, and hardware. Jumpers for men and women. Dresses and separates for women.
  2. The overcoat outfit - not just a wool overcoat but an all-in-one outfit that we can wear over our loungewear and when we go outside presentable enough to look well dressed and well put together in.     

These are our top current high fashion trends, and in this article we are so excited to announce the all-original concept my son Cal innovated as a versatile overcoat outfit. He calls it the wrap-coat. Instead of a traditional collar, it has a giant scarf attached. 

It is an A-symmetrical design where on side of the wool coat looks completely different from the other side in cut and color, which is not all-original, but the wrap collar is, and puts this concept design over the top in versatility. 

Thanks to the A-symmetrical design and the wrap collar we can totally style this coat differently every time we go out and it will look like a completely different coat. 

Cal made the first sample as a halflength coat in neutrals with orange on one side and lime green on the other. However, I guarantee everyone this coat design concept in a three quarter length a with neutral color scheme and it will look like a completely new look, a new outfit every time. All we have to do is wrap it differently. No one would ever know it is the same coat.

Current high fashion trends: The all-in-one overcoat outfit.

This is the concept that we need since although we are mainly at home, we need to look fresh for everyone eyeing us on social media. 

With these two current fashion trends it just got super easy. 

Wearing silk loungewear under a cozy stylish wool coat just feels so luxurious, like a pleasurable indulgence we can revel in every day! 

Cal is already talking orders on this concept coat for our bespoke clients and will be producing a ready-made collection version of this for next winter's collection. 

I am over the moon with excitement and am so proud of my son's innovative design perspective continuing to design fresh current high fashion trends that have influenced major fashion houses recently. I would love to tell everyone more about that. We can chat on zoom and have a lively conversation. People would be shocked to find out just to what extent some major household mainstream designers have copied my son's all original design concepts. They have made many of his concepts into current high fashion trends. 

We continue to turn-out new fresh ideas and the great thing is that our private clients get access to these trend-setting new concepts before the rest of the world catches on to them. It feels so great to be ahead of the game and out in front. It feels so fantastic to be a trendsetter. 

Of course, some of our clients prefer to only wear current trends that are already well established norms, they prefer to have a classic style with a bit of high fashion elements on the side. That is okay. We definitely cater to conservative clients being based out of Chicago, IL.

Whoever has been to Chicago knows what I am talking about. A huge city of people in their entirety that do not take any fashion risks. We love them anyways, accept them where they are at, but, also see them where they could be. 

That is the point of this site to empower people to develop their best life in high fashion and personal style. That is all embracing and it much more then just following current high fashion trends. It is an attitude and approach to life that we so lovingly call "Couture Living Freedom" as a lifestyle philosophy. 

Let's chat on zoom about this topic. Fill out the form to schedule a time. 

See all the amazing styles. A different style for every new day! It's the wrap-coat. Have fun!

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