Smartwear is the future of fashion. Which new trends will we see?

Smartwear has gradually been taking over the mainstream clothing market thanks to the efforts of people like former Under Armor CEO Kevin Plank developing innovative fabric technology for sportswear. 

We see it slowly starting to integrate into fashion through developments like Android WearOS. Other up-and-coming independent designers like myself have also made waves in pushing this trend forward.   My son Cal's wearables men's accessories line has been featured in GQ and several noteworthy celebrity editorials. 

This trend in smartwears is also definitely being pushed by a global agenda from the likes of governments and private agencies under the trans-humanism movement. 

DISCLAIMER: We here at J-na Couture Wearables do not condone or promote the trans-humanism movement. We strongly feel such a movement where implied consent is assumed  and used as the legal basis to force such massive and invasive changes to our biology is a horrible travesty. This is an a-moral abomination. We are confident that the entities behind such crimes against humanity will be stopped and the damages done reconciled and compensated for. Ask us why we feel this way.

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The future of smartwear is a garment that actually interacts with our body chemistry when it is worn. 

This concept that we developed and innovated is a step toward the future of fashion and smartwear. So thank you Kevin Plank for getting the ball rolling. 

See the amazing rejuvenating process we do for our wearables clients which is a traditional couture garment take on wearable technology as outlined in this video. These wearables 'spa treatment dresses,' as we so lovingly call them, interact with our body for an overall feel good sense of wellness and well being.  An amazing way to experience an important event such as a gala. 

Of course, now with the new normal in social distancing we have eliminated the need for physical contact and the need to take the mold for the dress form in the spa.

We now have our clients send us a 3D body scan, then we print out the dress from and ship them the finished spa dress with zero fittings necessary thanks to 3D printing technology and wearables! Isn't that fabulous?

Smartwear that delivers more that what we bargained for. 

We are seeing emerging trends using vibrations alter body functions such as heart rate. We are seeing wearables using vibrations in sports added into helmets to carry sound through bone so as to enjoy music while cycling and take calls without drowning out ambiotic background noise needed to stay safe and alert. 

We are also seeing wearables with sensors that use compression in fabric for added support during heavy exercise. Sensors that report on how our muscles are developing as to whether there are imbalances in training and movements. Wearables that track our muscle recovery and tell us when it is okay to do heavy lifting at full capacity. 

The trend is currently is using vibrations to send and receive information. Since this technology exists already. Why are we not using it instead of wifi and harmful EMT low frequencies like 5G? I spoke with a Japanese scientist recently working on using light to send and receive information. He says that the tech is still in it's infancy but I would almost bet it has been already been utilized for some time by the military. 

We also see a growing trend in wearables that regulate your heart rhythms that claim such benefits such as better sleep, focus, reduce chances of heart disease, and quicker recovery from stressful situations. This also uses vibrations. Good vibes. 

They say that the universe can only be explained and understood in vibrations and frequencies. I say that is true. In-fact I always use binaural frequencies for many health benefits like improved skin, hair, nails, eye color, muscle development, and cell regeneration.  I get great results from it. I plan on using some of my favorite frequencies in our next season of smartwear. 

Has smartwear already gone too far? 

I think so, and it is just getting started. Think of the long term big picture of buying into many of these seemly innocent functions of smartwear. Are they designed to get us to distrust our body's own senses, internal wisdom, thinking ability, and decision making by being over-reliant on technology and trackers? Are they aimed at lowering our self trust? I say that is a yes.

Why can't we just rely on our own body to tell us when we are tired, walked too far, feeling good enough to workout again, and so on and so fourth. If we ask it and then listen to it our self trust goes up. If we patronize it an ignore it by becoming dependent on silly trackers and AI our self trust and self-esteem will go down eventually. It is a simple concept. 

Next they are going to come out with a tracker that tells us when we should and should not go to the bathroom with an alarm notification, vibration, and electric shock! Haha! Let's hope not! 

At a recent NSE technology summit in Las Vegas, one of the key note speakers, a CEO of blablablaboring corporation said something that was profound, yet chilling, and deeply disturbing. She said, "In the future there will be two kinds of people. The people that are control the computers, and the people controlled by the computers." Woe! Talk about painting the big picture behind this trend. 

How is this information landing with everyone? Let's open it up for questions and discussion. 

What about a virtual reality haute couture fashion show? 

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