Fashion Handbags and Accessories!
How can you find the right one for you?

Searching online for Fashion Handbags and Accessories can be an overwhelming task, pages upon pages of colors and styles. What is the latest? Do I really want the latest trend? Should I hide behind the status of a Designer Label or get something unique? Should I buy local from a local Designer? All of the questions and options are endless!

This is why you should instead seek out a local designer or long distance designer! (Bags Long Distance are easy now a days with technology and video conference and consultation) 

Why is this option easier and far superior? A good designer will absolutely zero in on your best bag in personal style and develop that, appropriate for the occasion and look, best colors, custom functionality ect! A good designer will make that custom for you based on your budget! Just make sure that you book a month in advance if this is for something specific!

Here at j-na couture and GSb Men's Couture, we have a process for our design consultations that include a personality test, best color and styling profile! So Instead of trying to find fashion handbags and accessories and hope that you come by what fits. (This is especially cumbersome if don't have a clear concept of what the best fit is for you) Why don't you have us or another designer just do that for you?  

A custom bag feels empowering, the freedom of knowing that no one can walk in the room with the same exclusive piece! This is the danger of a ready-made designer label bag, you always worried about who will show up with your same bag!

See examples of our 2015 custom made-to-measure Manbags  and cases. You can fully customize these designs right here online in less than 5 min!

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What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

You always include elements in your fashion handbags and accessories that are testaments to your personality, beliefs, family background, values, culture, and time period.
This is what we call heirloom pieces.

We often get requests from a client that wants us to include their grandma's vintage buttons in the new bag as an interesting memoir. This make the experience even more meaningful.

Also you have your vegan clients that want alternatives to leather, the vegan leather, or with your strict vegans a fabric bag that is has no wool. There are many reasons for a value based selection. All of this is gratifying and empowering.

Many people enjoy the process of searching out and seeking out the bag that is the closest they can find to what they are looking for ideally, but why not save time and energy and search just for inspirations to bring to your designer! 

Get inspired by other custom bags done for clients.
Schedule a Design Consultation with J-na for your perfect handbag!

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What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

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