Innovative Technology made practical built into luxury clothing? It's j-na couture 2016 resort and evening wear collection. 

So where does the innovative technology come into play in the realm of couture fashion for resort and evening wear? Obviously we are not talking about fitbit other and fitness trackers, or even the ig watch and the like. We are talking about j-na couture 2016 resort and evening wear.

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What is this innovative technology about?

Lookbook Photoshoot shot by the fabulous Fina Art Photographer Virginia Rose

Model Himani Lillith

HMUA Debora Dee

In conjunction with Fashion Culture Chicago TV and Delfin Vegas Productions.

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Our garments are generally custom and exclusive, now they are wearables with an innovative technology. This technology aids communication and networking in business and social situations, is an all inclusive tap-and-share platform for sharing information and making connections. This "virtual spokesperson" platform as we are coining the phrase, can be easily updated daily to suit your needs inside the app.

We also just added a feature that is so very convenient, especially when speaking of resort and evening wear, because who of is wants to carry around our wallet everywhere when we are on vacation by the pool or at an elegant evening affair in formal wear? 

We added the tap and pay feature to the virtual spokesperson platform, so you can discreetly and securely make purchases with the tap-and-pay feature in your clothing! How convenient is that right? So Super fabulous!

See the Technology Demonstrated with the BTS footage of this shoot and meet many fab Chicago based fashion industry professionals in Cal's Cable TV Show Fashion Culture Chicago TV! 

OK enough innovative technology,... on to the clothing! Featured Looks and why. Let my son Cal Explain fashion-tv style! 

For you this is a journey of discovery, wonderment, and fulfillment!

We are going to let Cal walk you through the various features and descriptions of the garments. You of course can have any of these designs adjusted to your personality, tastes, body style, and best color palate. The purpose of the collection of course is to inspire you in personal exclusive style, now with wearable technology, the concepts are even more inspiring right?

In all honesty the garments that are produced for individual clients even when taken from the original sample, end up almost unrecognizable when compared to the original inspiration! Let's learn about the couture process, but at the same time, leave all these details to us! For you, this should be a journey of discovery, wonderment, and fulfillment!

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