What is the difference between the Samsung Watch and the wearables virtual Spokesperson Platform? 

Nyle Dimarco can demo the biggest difference in the samsung watch and the completely opposite concept in wearables, the virtual spokesperson platform.

Nyle Dimarco tells all on communication, deaf culture, the arts, charity, wearables, and what is next. He is in his GSb Men's Couture Smartwears.

How the samsung watch S2 compares.

One in the way of convenience, best described as an added convenience on top of convenience. The samsung watch is a way to operate your smartphone without lifting it up out of your pocket or bag, a mini extension of your smart powers. Access your apps, make general responses to texts, get quick updates on the game. 

Luxuy Celebrity Photoshoot by Virginia Rose Fine Art and Tone Jackson hair and makeup. For Joir Couture Smartwears Global Charity. See all the Behind the Scenes action from this epic shoot and find out what it is like to work with a real supermodel,....Nyle Dimarco.

What I am loving about the S2 is that there are designs that look traditional and luxurious, such as the S2 Rose Gold and the S2 platinum. This is one the similarities between the smartwears Virtual Spokesperson platform that we have developed. The tech is hidden and discreet in a luxury high-fashion garment and style pallet.

The Jior Couture Smarwears set and wears that we designed for Nyle, are for aiding Nyle in communication. When Nyle meets someone he likes, that does not speak ASL, he can have them tap his smartwear tie, bracelet, or garment. They can get a video of Nyle's introduction, his contact information, download his latest, portfolio, or his newest learn asl app.

Their are many that put off by the idea of having a 3G device strapped to their body broadcasting and receiving microwaves right into the largest vein of the body. 

The beauty of the smartwears virtual spokesperson platform is that it only is readable when an NFC enabled smartphone is in direct contact with the microchip. There is no way to track these chips, they leave no traceable or trackable signal. 

Another great feature that eludes the samsung watch is that with the added tap-and-pay feature. You can discreetly and mysteriously make purchases with your bracelet, or custom garment. The tap-and-pay option is virtually at almost every merchant now-a-days. Who wants to carry around a wallet in your pocket or bag everywhere you go anyways when you don't have to!

 Who wants to carry around a wallet in your pocket or bag everywhere you go anyways when you don't have to!

See Nyle for Ellements Magazine in Jior Couture Smartwears. Support Jior Couture Smartwears Charity.

This makes possible that any garment or accessory can be your virtual spokesperson and pay feature. Take your virtual spokesperson anywhere you go, totally wearable and totally practical. Wearables that impress, are exclusive, customizable, aid communication, and initiate lasting relationships.

Nyle has been doing a lot of traveling to Europe, I just saw the photos of the Armani runway he walked for. He can use his virtual spokesperson platform to bridge the communication gaps not only with hearing people that do no speak asl, but with deaf people that my speak a foreign sign language.

Nyle Dimarco's Gsb Men's Couture and Jior Couture wearable tech shoot with Virginia Hodges Photography, and Tone Jackson Artistry. Announcement: See the Spread in Sixtynine Degrees Magazine UK.

See the Spread in Pump Magazine, we got the cover and entire issue dedicated to wearables.

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