What if fitness trackers are just the fringes of the luxury garment i.e. just the beginning?
Plus Nyle Dimarco for  Ellements Magazine for a global charity in wearables.

Fitness Trackers are cool, yes, they can track your steps, measure your stride, and read your vitals, all the while showing you how important and amazing you are! But the realm of sports is only the beginning, wearables are the future, and they can now help us define ourselves in the personal luxury style, help us communicate and reach out to others in our virtual society, and even replace our wallets with a discreet and secure mode of payment. 

Going beyond fitness trackers we see smart watches like the Mi Watch, a great sidekick for your smartphone. Even this is only the beginning. Let Nyle Dimarco's new wardrobe for Ellements Magazine and our Jior Couture Smartwears Global Charity introduce you to what is next. 

Samsung wears are absolutely pushing the envelope and making our job much easier. They have a much wider sphere of influence than Cal and I and our smartwears couture fashion house. There voice is louder, and their budget and resources are bigger. However, what we have going for us, is what we are offering you, the chance to be a part of a grass roots operation, at the forefront of major change, that might just have a chance at changing history!....

Something tied to a worthwhile charity, that we can feel good about. Add to this the bold exclusive personal style options that we are celebrate and pride ourselves, now with our take on discreet future-forward practicality.....

Better than fitness trackers,...Let ANTM and DWTS Deaf Dancer, Actor, all in all celebrity Nyle Dimarco for Ellements Magazine and our Jior Couture Smartwears Global Charity show you what's up!

Editorial Celebrity Feature:

Photographer: Virginia Rose Hodges Vrhodges1@me.com  Clothing Designer: GSb Men's Couture cal@jnacouture.com Accessories Designer: Jior Couture cal@jnacouture.com Model: Nyle Dimarco- Current and Final America’s Next Top Model, Wilhelmina Models New York, Actor Switched and Birth ABC, Leader in the Deaf Community, Dancing with the Stars and Humanitarian. HMUA: Tone’ Jackson Tjstyles333@gmail.com Photoshoot Assistant: Rashima Sampson Rashima.tsampson@gmail.com

Nyle Celebrating Deaf Culture in Ellements Culture Magazine! We were so glad to build a couture wardrobe equipped with a virtual spokesperson, so that Nyle can engage a wider audience in person, and spread his humanitarian message instantly when his people tap into his virtual platform on their smartphones through the clothing and accessories that he has on! 

If your clothes could speak on your behalf, what would they say about you?

The answer is, they would say whatever you want, or nothing at all. Take an insider look at America’s Next Top Model Nyle Dimarco’s new smart-wears. These stylish threads definitely announce his presence as he walks into the room, but thanks to wearable-tech smartphone-readable tap-and-share technology, he can now use his clothing to communicate his message to you, even share his new learn sign language app, instantly, all on one virtual platform without any language barriers. 

Come ‘on now, it’s Nyle Dimarco, people would stand in line out the door in January to tap him with their phones, but for the clothing to transmit you the message and information Nyle wishes to share, you need to be invited. In fact, the NFC microchips acting as his very own virtual spokesperson, are discreetly and strategically placed so only Nyle can direct you to where they are located in the garments. 

One more thing without telling too much about Nyle’s new wearables, if he really likes you, and hypothetically, if he were to take you on a date, he could also use the tap-and-pay technology in his accessories to pay for your dinner, and night with Nyle on the town, hypothetically of course! As technology continues to shape the future of fashion in our virtual society, the lines between fantasy and reality are now more fluid than ever.

Go beyond Fitness Trackers and get the look for enhancing your personal style, career, social life, and self image through Gsb Men's Couture and Jior Couture Smartwears for Charity!

Each Jior Couture Wearables Purchase supports a Mom in Latin America! Connect with the Mom and Family your purchase supports. Her profile comes pre-programmed into your smartwears acquisition. Can your fitness trackers do that? Donate Here.

Update the virtual spokesperson app with all the stuff you wish to share to promote your career, social life, relationship status, interests and passions, now with the new tap-and-pay-feature! For making lasting connections in our virtual society!

Empower You- Empower the Less Fortunate- Empower The Creative, all with Jior (Your) Couture!
Can your fitness trackers do all that?

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