High quality fashion clothing wholesale manufacturing out of Turkey is GOLD right now. Here is why.

The high quality fashion clothing wholesale manufacturing industry has changed or morphed drastically, following a trend that has been gaining steam over the past decade starting with wage increases in China, the American/Chinese trade war, the so called pandemic, and the "restructuring" of modern Chinese factories for "sustainability" particularly in energy consumption. The Chinese small and medium sized factories have taken the biggest hit so far, but the newest energy consumption and industrial waste protocols have also caused many of the large factories to take major losses during intermittent shutdowns.   

It has been rumored that many Chinese have chosen a highly unethical, and I can say ultimately low vibrational approach to stay afloat and keep some sort of advantage on the diversifying market. It is a deplorable practice well hidden deep within the recesses of the fashion industry where the production factory is concealed within a large ocean liner, the fabrics and materials once loaded, production begins on the open waters on route to the port of entry to make delivery. This unethical practice not only cuts the time of delivery in half, but on the open waters where there is no such thing as labor laws and no one enforcing them gives a whole new meaning to the term sweat shop with human rights violations galore. 

Fantastic Tonnage

Needless to say all the supply chain disruptions have caused an increasing number of brands to abandon Chinese manufacturing in favor of south east Asia and Turkey, since wages are lower and in the case of Turkey logistics is world class that has a history going back thousands of years as a center thoroughfare connecting Asia with Europe.  Turkey has also been a center of textiles that has a history as old as Chinese silk, in fact, Constantinople was the most important stop on the Chinese silk road. 

We will be examining both of these aspects and empowering more brands, large, medium, and small alike to manufacture high quality fashion clothing wholesale out of Turkey. 

Textile factory

1. High quality fashion clothing wholesale manufacturing Turkey: Textiles industry. 

The history of Istanbul as a textile world center is as old as time as we know it. It has adapted through all of our ups-and-downs but sill remains a prominent hub for textiles. When I first visited Istanbul's fashion district I was besides myself in awe. I exclaimed, "This is 10 times the size of New York's! And this is not the only one? There are at least five of these throughout the city? WOW!"

Wow is right! The fashion district is massive. It gets overwhelming fast. That is why having a buying rep there that can source what you need for high quality fashion wholesale manufacturing is essential. Literally anything in the way of textiles can be found, but certain things and on trend seasonal subtleties sometimes take some digging even for the locals, yet alone the foreigners. It's important to have local representation when negotiating with the factories to avoid being overcharged. 

My son Cal is living out of Istanbul now working on several projects. He is also, along with his team helping many brands transition into manufacturing in Turkey.

They are providing design, sample making, pattern making, technical services, sourcing, manufacturing,  photography, and marketing services. 

Quite the complete operation. He says that he is working with brands from the Emirates, Europe, Iceland, and the States primarily. 

There are many types of factories that all specialize in different things. Cal has found that many are also extremely versatile. Many have different minimum order requirements. Which is music to the ears of us small to medium sized fashion houses and designers. 

Cal is working with one factory that has a 50 piece minimum! The price per piece is obviously higher than a 250 piece minimum factory, however they will do it! Finding a Chinese factory that will touch an order like that is unheard of. 

We are speaking of high quality fashion clothing wholesale manufacturing. In terms of quality, the legacy of textiles and manufacturing in Turkey has lead the overall industry to hold a high standard of quality. Factories will offer different quality levels to accommodate clients from developing nations. However, high quality work is readily available. The list of European brands manufacturing in Turkey is very large and quite surprising. 

My son Cal is taking serious inquiries from brands wishing to manufacture out of Turkey.

His email is cal@j-nacustomgsb.com

You can see the list of his consulting services at his website https://calebpma.design/

He is also going to be breaking ground on a completely eco-friendly and sustainable textile factory. More about this very soon!

2. High quality fashion clothing wholesale manufacturing: Logistics 


The history of ships going in an out of Istanbul, Constantinople, Galatia and how far back can we go?  Ideally situated at the crossroads of three continents with easy access to the other continents by water and air, this places Istanbul at the center of the earth. 

A beautiful city surrounded by water, the Bosporus  Straight is a busy waterway! I was enthralled sitting at a waterside café and watching all the ocean liners go by like clockwork. Many don't realize that it is a one-way street!  Half of the day the ships from the Black Sea going out to the Aegean Sea bound for the Mediterranean at large go through, and the other half of the time it's north bound ships coming through.   

The logistics are world-class, a straight A game here. Ideally situated to send out high quality fashion clothing wholesale manufacturing to all markets.  

Speak to Cal about producing in Turkey. Click here.

Busy Bosphorus !!!

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