Exquisite bridal couture will make your big day fantasy a reality, as explained by J-na.

It is the stuff that dreams are made of...the gorgeous bridal couture of the rich and famous! Recently, millions of people the world over became preoccupied with a certain royal wedding...for weeks in advance wondering where the royal bride would get her dress.

But seriously, the wedding day is the most important and dreamed-about day of most women's lives. Walt Disney, Hollywood celebrities, and thorough media coverage have kept these real-life fantasies of elegance and beauty right in front of our eyes since we were wee tots!

It is no wonder that we love to envision our dream weddings and that all-important star of couture weddings, the gown! Some little girls play-act weddings with their Barbie and Ken dolls, and even their pets! (My daughter at 9 yrs. of age made our female schnauzer Poochie "marry" Jackson, our beloved beagle! She even rigged a doggie bridal veil and a makeshift gown and conducted her own proper and very solemn ceremony! See how easy it is for kids to create their own fantasy couture!)

Actually, with bridal couture, the sky is the limit! There are so many marvelous couture houses and designers that specialize in bridal, many super-famous, and others barely known.

The tremendous amount of handmade details and designs in true haute couture is mind-boggling....the variations and possibilities are endless. That is precisely why every bride with a truly defined self-identity would surely want an original custom-made gown to suit her individual tastes and style, not to mention that she may have been dreaming and planning this for years!

When it comes to the long-awaited big day, no expense is spared...I would say that most brides throw caution to the wind when it comes to their own wedding gown...staying within a budget is such a drag when you are talking about a long-cherished dream!

Notice these extremely dramatic couture bridal gowns....each one is breath-taking! And completely original! I feel my heart start to beat faster when viewing some of these, as I believe that weddings really have a life of their own in the female soul!

elie_saab1 Anja Rubik elie_saab2-Karlie Kloss

Elie Saab 2012 Spring haute couture bridal.

We are still feeling the ripples from the Royal Wedding, with Kate Middleton's lacy sleeves and romantic styling becoming more popular. Sheer or lacy sleeves are seen, with much more variety in necklines and sleeve lengths, with One-shoulder or Illusion necklines gracing the runways.

I am glad to see greater variety in higher hemlines for bridal gowns, especially the High-Low hemlines now, shorter in front and longer in the back.

These styles are a great way to stay a bit traditional and yet show off a great pair of legs!

Hair Accessories are a category of bridal couture all their own. The icing on the cake. Click Here!

elie_saab Spring 2012 Couture
Elie-Saab-Couture-Fall-2012 46 Ieva Marija Rume (NATHALIE)

Elie Saab 2012 Fall haute couture bridal collection!

Using the finest silks and detailed bridal couture construction, these gowns radiate an obvious superiority over mass-produced bridal gowns.

The quality in materials and workmanship are so apparent.

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Spring 2013 Romona Keveza Couture Bridal Collection - 10 RK309 FRONT

Glorious Color! Look for a departure from the all-white gown, with pastels,
especially blush and rose hues, or even very bold colors like black or red.

With more variety of colors and less of the "MATCHY-MATCHY" theme, we are seeing more room for brides to experience the freedoms of true Couture Living on her special day! Ask me, J-na what I mean by this statement!

Finally, for the confident bride who definitely has her self-image intact and flaunts her passion for the dramatic, there are plenty of reasons to avoid ready-made gowns....she may have a unique and even quirky couture ensemble made that will forever make her famous within her circle of friends and family! And if some folks object to her lack of reverence,...what does she care? Her strong sense of self and style just does not care what others say.

Spring 2013 Romona Keveza Couture Bridal Collection

With the individuality of true bridal couture, each bride can choose according to her wishes, and oftentimes, her fondest fairy-tale fantasies and dreams!

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See how extravagant you can make your big day through my j-na bridal couture accessories in this exclusive gallery!

See how important having the couture jewelry you've always dreamed about made for you is.

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The centuries old history of couture brides is as intriguing as it is extravagant!

With so many bridal shops claiming to be Haute Couture, how do tell the difference between a fake and the real deal? Identify the real haute couture shops instantly, here is how!

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