With couture bridal jewelry you get what you have always dreamed about! What could be better?

With anticipation and excitement, every bride-to-be relishes the hunting "safari" of looking for her couture bridal jewelry, that one perfect dress, headpiece or veil, and dreaming of hairstyles to try, shoes to wear, and a myriad of other decisions to make, large and small.

However daunting and exhausting the whole process can be, every bride should enjoy the attention and fun of preparing her special couture look for this momentous occasion, the day she gets to live out her fairytale dreams of being royalty for one enchanted day!


Of coarse to start, we have the icon of couture jewelry, in honor of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

While many brides choose fashion or costume jewelry, consisting of rhinestones, crystals or glass pearls, my personal feeling, which is close to my heart, is that this unforgettable day should be remembered forever with genuine heirloom couture bridal jewelry. How lovely to hand these heirloom pieces down to your own beloved children on their special day!

While the term Couture bridal jewelry does not exclude using costume jewelry elements, signifying only that it was exclusively designed with a client's wishes in mind, I prefer to use genuine gemstones and pearls with 14 Karat gold, and sometimes Sterling silver or pewter in my designs, perhaps with Swarovski crystals also.

These seem to me more worthy of being a cherished keepsake and treasured heirloom. No two pieces in my collection are the same, in keeping with the true definition of couture bridal jewelry.

However, there are many good sources of fine bridal jewels, and I think every groom should indulge his honey with a gift of her choosing....they would really enjoy picking out just the right style of true couture jewelry together!

I cannot think of a better shopping trip, second only to the diamond rings, of course!

The rest of this page is dedicated to bridal couture jewelry that brings in color and goes beyond the overdone "all white wedding"! This is the newest trend in couture bridal jewelry.

j-na couture bridal jewelry collection with gems, real pearls, gold, and Swarovski Crystals.

This bridal Torsade is made with a faceted Smokey Topaz Gemstone with Swarovski Crystals, and real pearls from my 2012 j-na couture bridal collection.

no two pieces made the same in j-na bridal couture collection

Buy this rare, stunning, and utterly exquisite Smokey Topaz in sterling silver set now. and revel in the luxury! Click here.

Tangerine Freshwater Pearls, Moonstone, Mother of Pearl and Carnelian Choker/Collar Necklace w/ Ribbon Tie by Katharine-Marie Designs Green Turquoise Nugget Multi-strand Necklace with Hand-Forged Copper End Cones and Clasp by Katharine-Marie Designs Vintage Austrian Crystal Earrings ~ Bridal Jewelry and Bridesmaids Jewelry Designs

Tangerine Freshwater Pearls, Moonstone, Mother of Pearl and Carnelian Choker/Collar Necklace w/ Ribbon Tie by Katharine-Marie Designs.

Green Turquoise Nugget Multi-strand Necklace with Hand-Forged Copper End Cones and Clasp by Katharine-Marie Designs

Vintage Austrian Crystal Earrings

Another suggestion, for those grooms who are romantic, but are also the "take-charge" type: Consider having your sweetheart gather various pictures of the earrings and necklace and/or bracelet that she likes, with a list of her preferred materials, whether that is cultured pearls, diamonds or her favorite gemstone or birthstone, and then have a true bridal couture jewelry set custom-made just in time to surprise her!

(Try to present her bridal couture jewelry to her at an occasion when you are both surrounded by friends and family. That would be a very memorable and forever-endearing gesture!)

Not to mention terribly impressing all onlookers and any non-present family members on BOTH sides who will surely hear of your deed!

If the bride has no particular wish to pick out her own jewelry, this is a perfect opportunity for the groom to do the choosing, and some men are very, very good at this! She will definitely be totally surprised with her gift!

Whatever the choice, the couple should treasure this momento as an heirloom, a reminder and a symbol of their love and devotion!

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The centuries old history of couture brides is as intriguing as it is extravagant!

With so many bridal shops claiming to be Haute Couture, how do tell the difference between a fake and the real deal? Identify the real haute couture shops instantly, here is how!

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