The real celebrity fashion games that designers, celebs, and models play. Find out about the latest scandal. 

Why do fashion pros love playing celebrity fashion games on each other? As if the industry is not high-drama enough. We have everyone aspiring to be a drama king and queen like it's their only way to get a kick out of life.

In this article of our fashion games series we will discuss why designers steal collections and ideas for collections from one another. In an industry where creativity is a wide and open field, and the sky is the limit on what designers can create, why do designers sink so low as to steal designs from other lesser known designers instead of just creating their own?

We will answer this question by illustrating the scenario of the last designer that stole one of our previous collections. We will also discuss what this has to do with Bella Hadid, and the the role that celebs play in these kinds of celebrity fashion games. 

The stolen collection, and why didn't he even change the color scheme? The celebrity fashion games continue. 

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Updated Fashion Culture in Men and Womens Couture Lifestyle Freedom. Updated Fashion Culture in Men and Womens Couture Lifestyle Freedom.

Sabrina Soto wearing a knock-off by Tomo Koizumi 2019

To understand why designers steal ideas as they prey upon lesser known designers we have to know the fundamentals of the way the fashion industry works. All too often the next "world famous designer" will be vetted into a position of prominence and the brand will be groomed to become a household luxury name. Many people are under the false impression that the organizations that work behind the scenes to make these decisions choose the designers based on their creativity. Oh no no mon ami, in fact these candidates are chosen based on their association with these organizations through family ties, or otherwise. 

By the time the designer completes the process of being vetted-in, they will have retreated so far into their lower brain and  its 4F responses and functions that whatever shreds of creativity they once had, have all but dried up. Their creativity is no longer accessible for their design process because it is a high brain and right brain function. 

This creates the need for these designers to either hire fresh talent or prey upon other designer's ideas. Preying upon other designers is an elegant process through which all sorts of collaboration and new technology are employed to bring about.

The more blatant and damaging the theft and plagiarism is the more the credit the designer gets from his handlers and the likelihood of him moving up in the fashion cartel increases.

These are not just celebrity fashion games folks. 

Do you know what it feels like to have your ideas stolen and then paraded in front of the world runway on celebrities, at the met gala, and across media platforms with someone else taking full credit? It is a potentially very damaging feeling if you allow it to be.

For us here at J-na Courture Wearables and GSb Wearables, this happens to us all the time, so we are almost immune to it's pernicious effects. Most of the time they steal past collections that we have turned out over two years ago and we have since moved on to bigger, better, and bolder ideas.. In this case it was rather impressive that Mr. Tomo Koizumi didn't even bother to change the color scheme when he knocked-off our designs, but we hope that he enjoys his five minutes of fame on us since he loves playing so many celebrity fashion games.

How did Bella Hadid get wrapped up in this fraud and scandal? 

J-na Couture video see the shape of this look from the backside.

Bella Hadid in a knock-off made by Tomo Koizumi 2019

Many celebrities are paid to model and be a brand ambassador for new designer collections. Most of them are blissfully unaware of the celebrity fashion games in play. We believe this to be the case with Bella Hadid. 

It is very disrespectful to involve a celebrity in this type of a scandal unawares, because when it is found out and if it gets a lot of attention online it can reflect very badly on the celebrities persona, character, and reputation. Such a high price to pay for these celebrity fashion games.

One of the worst things for a lady like Bella Hadid is to be caught red-handed wearing an obvious knock-off like this one. 

You be the Stylist and play the Celebrity Fashion Dress up Game with Kylie Jenner!

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