High fashion tote bags that elevate our loungewear outfit. What are the latest trends?

High fashion tote bags are the number one essential accessory for men and women now. Why now more than ever? 

Well, for starters, with our new fabulous homocentric lifestyle, thanks to "The Man," I miss seeing my friends by the way, we are all dressing down in pajama like loungewear and sometimes actual pajamas. So, when it is necessary for us to step out, we throw on a jacket that becomes our outfit. What we need to pull it all together is a fancy high fashion tote bag to elevate our look. 

Here is where I often recommend using a designer name brand bag, since this is our bridge so to speak, people tend to identify with logos and brand identities. High fashion tote bags are best in this respect. 

Here are the latest trends:

This year small is chic and smaller is even better. Prada started this trend. They even started sewing the coin purses and pouches into the clothes.  This quilted high fashion tote bag by Prada is trending now. Ask me about the other colors it comes in.

The next high fashion tote bag on trend is this YSL bag that comes in a variety of colors (ask). This season we are seeing the emphasis on chains.

Bottega Veneta high fashion tote bags are here. 

These woven leather strips technique that Bottega Veneta started a few years ago are still going strong this season with the addition of the oversized chain handle and strap. This bag also comes in a variety of colors this season (ask). 

The larger high fashion tote bags for this design are also big sellers this year. A neutral look for those that prefer a chain free look. These BV high fashion tote bags also come in a variety of colors (ask).

Fendi clutches and cases are here!

These Fendi case clutches are playing on the big woven leather trend over the python for last season as shown in the photo above. I'm in love with the color selection. The periwinkle and berry colors just sing to me. Can I get one of each please? Yes! 

I love this design because it is so versatile. You can dress it up, you can dress it down with jeans, and you can use it as a sunglasses case. These are so fun. 

Chanel quilted handbags are here.

As you can see these quilted Chanel bags are hot to trot. The chains are in keeping with the trend and do we love a denim bag that is done right! 

Louis Vuitton high fashion tote bags are here!

These colors are very yummy! I love the butterscotch and rosewood together in with the brown print. Again we see the prominent chain and I love that they designed these bags with the black chain. It makes the bag so chic sleek, sexy, and important. 

These briefcases really mean business with the chain clasp and to me they give me an artistic vibe since these cases look like they can easily open up into a portfolio of sorts! High-end fashion and art! 

These backpacks also take center stage. The shape and simplicity of the squared backpack really speak to me. 

The medium sized black Louis Vuitton back pack is as about as minimal as the brand gets while still using the all over logo pattern that sells so well! A top seller.

Even with this season's emphasis on small, we see them slightly reduce the scale of these bags, to me it brings an heir of sophistication to these designs. 

The heart shaped box really brings me back. I am in love and I personally never go for all over logo prints.

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