3d printing! How has it changed the fashion industry? 

Is 3d printing ushering in the new age in fashion? Yes sir or mam, it most certainly is. With designers like Iris Van Herpen at the forefront of this shift we have seen things really accelerate. 

3d printing flow chart. This is how we now do it. 

There are two ways we use 3d printing to service our clients. Both begin with taking a body scan of our clients. 

  1. When we are making a 3d printed dress for a client we will design the dress digitally and then transfer the design to the printing schematics via a software program. The program fits the dress to the exact dimensions of the client's body scan and then the dress is printed out. Most of the time the dress is printed in sections and still requires assembly the way a traditional dress is sewn-up. The difference is that there are much less seams in a 3d printed dress making for a high-end luxury garment. This method does not require a client fitting and then tailoring of the garment because the dress was already printed out to the client's exact proportions and measurements. 
  2. When we service clients from other cities and places we start with the body scan and then we have a true-to-life mannequin of the client printed out. We then produce the design, draft the pattern, and start sewing the garment using traditional methods. We fit the garment to the mannequin of the client until we achieve the exact fit we are looking for. The suit or dress is then shipped to the client ready to wear with no fittings necessary. 

The second 3d printing method has been a real game changer for us because, instead of servicing clients out of an atelier where the client must be physically present for several fittings, we can now service clients from other cities and abroad without the client having to show up for any fittings or meetings. We do two video consultations with the client and that is all that is required!

Gone are the days when a custom clothier or couturier had to prepare an elaborate studio or boutique to see clients. Now there are truly no borders or limits to the possibilities. We can see clients in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa all in the same day thanks to 3d printing! 

See how 3D Printing has made Couture Wedding Dresses easy as 1,2,3!
See how easy it is to have your haute couture clothes made up long distance! Now taking on new international clients!

Special Announcement:

Cal is looking for new benefactors, he gifts his benefactors with a yearly package of custom couture fashions for each season, personal styling, personal shopping, and tailoring services, that are all done remote as a FREE gift of appreciation.

It's a cool process using today's 3D printing technology. You scan yourself, have yourself printed out as a mannequin (no cloning necessary!), and send yourself to Cal hahahaa! Then Cal uses your 3D print-out to fit, design, and tailor your seasonal wardrobe. Packages include all essentials including accessories, and a few frivolous pieces just for fun!

Ask yourself if you have any products, services, resources, properties, or assets that can benefit Cal as he expands to Europe? 

Book a video chat with Cal and start a conversation of possibilities.

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