What is the latest with haute couture wedding gowns? Try everything! 

Haute Couture Wedding gowns have been completely revamped and forever changed by technology! With the use of body scans and 3-D Printing a women can work with a designer from a distant part of the earth if she desires with no fittings necessary! Let's take you through how this works. We want to bring you up-to-speed on these advancements!

Fittings: They are overrated and not much fun.
What if we can banish them into the realm of a historic tradition forever? Here is how we let it be easy!

Take it from us, we have been through more fittings than Elizabeth Taylor with her multitude of husbands. Fittings are stressful on everyone, and as fun as we try to make them, and even though they end happily, they are always a roller-coaster of emotions!

The haute couture wedding gown process is so much easier if we can just cut them out of the fabric of our lives completely!

Now with 3D printing this is what we do! We print out a life-sized mannequin of each of our clients, so now it is needless for us to have the clients physical body present for any step of the gown confection!

Once the gown is complete it arrives preferably by overnight delivery on the client's doorstep! We are sending haute couture gowns that we have 3D Printed or hand stitched using traditional methods to the other side of the earth without our client having to get out of bed much less drag her whole wedding party to our atelier! How liberating indeed!

Tre Chic and a big Woohoo for you! What a huge sigh of relief for the women that has been so occupied planning her princess worthy wedding!

We love the possibilities that 3D Printing Technology opens up. But wait! There is more.

Our haute couture wedding gowns have made magazine covers not only because of their design, but because of the discreet wearables functionality built into the gowns. Functionality such as:

1. Tap-and-Share NFC Microchips. Have a special message of appreciation for your guests?                                                                        When they greet you they can receive any number of items right on their smartphone to take away with them like:

  • A special gratitude poem download
  • Our Wedding landing Page or Social Media Page where they can share their favorite Wedding photos.
  • A Map and directions to the wedding reception. 
  • A Memory lane slideshow
  • A heartfelt video message to communicate to them all the things you would like to tell them without having to tell them in person at the wedding and risk wrecking your makeup! 

2. Tap-and-Pay functionality. A discreet and secure wallet for any incidentals or last minute wedding expenditures because who wants to carry their credit card or cash with them on such an occasion? 

3. A Spa Skin treatment inside the gown. As this model walks the runway her breasts are being treated with soothing herbs, fragrant relaxing essential oils, and detoxifying absorbing properties to keep her fresh and odor free so she can dance dance dance! -Or- In this case walk werk and strut our design at New York City Fashion Week!

Doesn't a girl deserve a portable day long spa treatment on her special day?

- The Spa treatment properties can be extended from the torso all the way to the waist line depending on the desired design.  Or just on desired panels of spa treatment achieved by the 3D printed blocked cut-outs.

- The full torso and mid-section spa enhanced treatment gown can also be fully backless. In such cases we recommend a design that has a full neck line and long sleeves, saving the reveal only for the back. However, this is entirely left up to the clients discretion. 

Are not Haute Couture Wedding Gowns amazing when we take advantage of the newest options in technology and wearables?
Tell us what you think. Everyone's opinion is welcomed and solicited.

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