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Vogue Magazine is the epitome of beauty, but what can we do when beauty is also the beast?

Vogue magazine is a household name associated with the highest fashion, and the highest of high-fashion combined with the highest hand sewing is essentially what haute couture is. As a designer or photographer, have you ever tried to submit an editorial photo shoot to Vogue? They are the meanest girls in the business by far! A lifetime achievement for many industry professionals is just to get one of their photos on the vogue italia photoroll website.

However, like so many other A-List fashion magazines, the question I will raise you is...... How many designers is Vogue Magazine actually responsible for discovering and making famous? A good question perhaps? 

After being an avid Vogue reader for the last 35 years at LEAST, I can count off maybe a handful, but more correctly stating that these designers were already well on their way to becoming a global brand before gracing the pages of the fashion bible.

Discovering and being the platform to launch new talent is simply not the business that Vogue Magazine is in, and that is OK! I know what to expect from Vogue, and once we know what to expect we can learn how read Vogue properly, and how to take what we need out of it for our couture living freedom and personal style development. Let me teach you the method, contact me.

My take on Franca....the documentary.

To see and appreciate the grassroots of Vogue's high standards and how their branded iconic photography style was developed over the years was totally inspiring! I could really relate to the mother and son relationship that Franca's life story was told through her son's eyes as he was hosting and producing the documentary. You can really tell because of that natural close family bond the warmth that it communicated truly came through. The film was beautiful!

As many of my readers know I work very closely with my son Cal, he is head designer for our men's line and second in command of J-na Couture. He does so much of our marketing and promotions, charitable initiatives, and new business acquisition, expanding into wearables and other high-tech textiles. OH, we love it when we can brag about our kiddos xo! (AND she's rambling on again!)

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So back to the review of Franca, it was a beautiful film, we went to the premier in Chicago, and of course the guests in attendance were boring as cargo shorts, but we still managed to have a wonderful evening!

To classify it as a documentary is a stretch, to be more accurate we are going with a documentary style work of fantasy. Yet, why not? After all, Vogue magazine is the biggest modern day fantasy that is not so far off from the real truth as can possibly be curated and developed! Vogue is a fantasy, the ultimate aspiration. The honestly of their photographic style is absolutely inspiring!


Anybody in the fashion biz long term can tell you that Franca's ascension to the top of Vogue Italia did indeed include all those elements in the film, however was very far from the whole story. It was the version that the public could celebrate though, in that way the film did hit it's mark, and was successful! There is a lot that went untold.

Vogue magazine (A Condé Nast production): Just how is beauty also the beast?
(Condé Nas-TY! OK we are having too much fun with this.)

Let's take for example the HUGE controversy a few months back over the cover of the 125th Anniversary issue of Vogue.

Vogue 125 Anniversary Issue and a cocktail... perfect evening ❤️#fashioninsta #fashionpr #beautypr #publicrelationsagency #socialmedia #girlboss #divastyle #vouge #cocktail #vodka @voguemagazine

Pubblicato da ADinfinitum su Mercoledì 30 agosto 2017

One of Trump's propaganda specialists tried to make this into a controversy accusing Vogue of insulting the president, a theory so ridiculous we need not even entertain any of the argument's details.

Aside from the Trump "conspiracy" theory, one can at first glance spot at least 5 ACTUAL conspiracy theory "beauty is the beast" secret messages hiding in plain sight.

  1.  The numerology of 125 as being heralded as an anniversary celebration.
  2. The Blonde Movie Star in the old hollywood style RED gown. That is like 3-in-1 hahahaaaa.
  3. The fact that this blonde movie star in the red is none other than Jlaw, whose ascension to fame was marked by being the lead in the Hunger Games franchise.
  4. The fact that the anniversary issue was released in early September.
  5. The Statue of Liberty in the background, which I feel like Jlaw was meant to represent by the statuesque way that they have her posing.

BOOM, and in conspiracy theory I am still even somewhat of an amateur to bog ourselves down with all that, although a basic knowledge of this is a necessary evil in this world. just like Vogue Magazine.

We are way too busy sewing new inspirations and interacting with wonderful people to REALLY read into it deeper.

What is your take on Vogue Magazine? Any Conspiracy theory ideas of your own we can entertain here?

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