The new name in Canine Couture is now "K-9 Kouture!"


Luxury Canine Couture is not just for Celebrities!

J-na Haute Couture is thrilled to announce our new line of "K-9 Kouture" sweaters and bejeweled collars and leashes for dogs!

Get it? K9 Kouture? Canine couture! Oh we just thought that was so clever! Yet another original idea for the DAY!

Some of our most fun-to-make creations are for our own precious Hemi, our Staffordshire bull terrier, who is one spoiled pup!  Here she is modeling a luxe mohair and wool pink and grey knit sweater with blinged out sparkly pink buttons!

Doggy Couture custom Sweater in mohair and wool.
My pampered pooch Hemifer Lopez in her favorite coutuer hand made sweater! Isn't she a grand ol girl?
Canine Couture doggy sweater hand made to by an easy on with no struggles!

I wanted to make sure this was girly-girl cute AND very easy to put on! 

Hemi does not like to put her paws into sleeves! 

This design slips on so quickly and the "bib" front quickly ties with sturdy satin pink ribbon.

The back buttons up nicely with some great sparkling bling!

No struggles!

I like my girl to get attention, and I found a great design for an ultra-blinged out crystal collar and leash that will still be able to contain a muscular pooch who wants to chase cats and squirrels while out and about!

And isn't she adorable in her j-na couture TUTU? I could jump up and shout!

There is nothing like the unconditional love of man and woman's bestie!

I proudly strut through the park with her and dress her to match my couture outfit of the day!

I think that we have have vibrations and energy messages that get stored in the molecules of things, that is why when you put on something that was hand made with love, it just feels good! Right?

When I put on my first hand knit sweater on HEMI, well she just loved it! It is like she knew what it meant, it meant that she was loved!

Canine Couture tutu and crystal collar and leash! Fully customizable to match your best couture concept! Glamazon pup or sofisticated hound, the choice is yours!

Look how you can have your puppy's couture styled to match your custom couture as well! Ask me how.

When we put this up on our facebook page, we had so many people marvel at how beautifully the K9 Koture matches with my couture ensemble for spring 2013! Oh THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN TO DESIGN!

1800s couture at famous clark house Chicago with Dog in Couture Crystal collar and leash!

Doesn't Hemi look regal with her fancy collar and leash?  She got to model on the porch of the Clarke House, the oldest surviving Historic home in Chicago. 

Her K-9 Kouture accessories really complement the J-na Couture historic gown that our beautiful model is wearing also, don't you think?

Because we love our dogs so much, it is natural that we would want them to look amazing too!  Let us consult with you and come up with just the right accessory for your one-of-a-kind pampered pooch!

K9 Kouture or Canine Couture will soon be for sale and fully customizable in our online accessories couture house.
Check Back Soon!

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