Our fashion house tv show, #FCCTV Fashion Culture Chicago TV.

Introducing the fashion house tv show that here has a true meaning that we are inspired to share with the world. To get the talent, potential, beauty, and depth of our passion out into the world. Chicago is such a wonder, in it are kept and concealed such greatness, and like all concealed boxes, these dreams cannot die inside.

We hope to expose the talents of these local industry professionals that have found a way into our affection.

Through the show we take you inside our world as designers, behind the scenes of our work, photoshoots, events, runways, and the people around us that are amazing and talented.

A shoot we did with New York Photographer Dennis Madigan, and Stacy Castro, a model, student, mom, and fitness instructor. Steven Papageorge hair academy that keeps that banner in the air. See more on this dream team of fashion pros on out fashion house tv show.

This gown is couture because it is hand sewn and even the fabric is hand made.

We chose Stacy because this look was inspired by the latin music scene out of Miami with the bold use of colors and the balance of sheer and modesty for a dignified but sexy moment on the red carpet.

Stacy has such a great glowing presence and we wanted to show her just how high-fashion she could look with the slicked hair and contour in her makeup artistry, compliments of Steven Papageorge hair academy a longtime sponsor of the local fashion culture in Chicago, responsible for bringing up so much talent into the market.

The look for Stacy inspired some killer fierce poses! She really made good use of her athleticism, as she is a certified personal trainer, made a flawless transition from fitness modeling to high fashion, we are proud of the work and development and wanted to feature this on our fashion house tv show #FCCTV.

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We see the most potential in the Art Institutes Snap Gala, because of the elaborate decadence of the occasion and the elaborate photographic sets, we see Chicagoans starting to take fashion risks and go beyond the outfits that just beckon for the approval of their peers and help them retreat into a sense of safety that make the occasion and new encounter oh so very forgettable. 

Dennis Madigan really caught the angles of this pose and instructed Stacy in how to enhance the details and build on the energy! Wow we love it when NYC photographers visit Chicago! 

Stacy said he was by far the best Photographer she had worked with! So glad that she had that experience!

We loved to feature Dennis on the fashion house tv show and will be eager to send out a FCCTV insider alert when that footage becomes available!

The couture runway samples are meant to inspire, and we love the shock factor of releasing an "over-the-top" interpretation of fashion into such a traditional market! That is how we amp it up and accelerate the fashion mentality and culture in Chicago!

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