Fashion week TV coverage for
Middle East Fashion Week this spring
will be streamed from this page.
Save the date.

Fashion week TV coverage for this live fashion week event scheduled for March 22nd-27th will commence and be streamed live from this page as FCCTV with my son Cal as our host takes us to Dubai. 

Fashion week TV coverage worldwide has been halted due the pandemic, but it will not be stopped entirely. A bold move by Antonio Rubel founder of Middle East Fashion Week based out of Dubai who boasts Dubai as the newest fashion hub. Middle Fashion Week has been the fastest growing platform to feature new talent and connect people in the middle eastern market to the fashion industry. 

Watching this platform continue to exceed my expectations each season has been a joy and a privilege. As you know it has been my passion for sometime to establish Chicago as another major US fashion hub and I am astonished to see the fast movement and progress that Middle East Fashion Week has achieved over the past 5 seasons in brining Dubai to top fashion week world class status. 

Each city where a major fashion week is hosted brings it's own flavor and pizazz, highlighting the city and the culture of it's people. Why shouldn't a city like Dubai take center stage among the worlds major fashion hubs such as Paris, Milan, New York, and Tokyo?  With the consumer buying power of the gulf countries alone, not to mention that of Eastern Europe, Western Asia, and Northern Africa it only makes sense if you ask me. 

Every part of the would that has it's own unique cultural and style based identity deserves a fashion week to cater to the people within that demographic. The enthusiastic can-do sky-is-the-limit  attitude of people in Dubai is contagious and I am so excited to bring you all this coverage to expose as many people as possible to the wonderful deliciously fabulous unique flavor Middle East Fashion Week will be brining to the table this spring. Fashion week coverage will follow.  

The weeks events will include fashion shows, award dinners, galas, red carpet celebrity meet-and-greets, exclusive VIP pop up shop buying experiences, fashion forums, and much much more.

Hosted at the luxurious Bur Juman Center this city is more than equipped for such a five star fashion week event. What an experience it will be to take part at any level in the live events only followed by the wonderful experience of watching the live stream from this webpage. Be sure to mark your calendars and bookmark this page to get yourselves ready. 

Get featured on this special fashion week tv episode of FCCTV!

  1. Go live on YouTube while watching the fashion week tv live coverage from your home wearing a fashionable outfit from a favorite designer! Introduce yourself within the first 30 seconds of the live stream.  
  2. Then, submit the YouTube video to me within 15 days following the Arab Fashion Week.
  3. Finally, we will include the 30 second clip into the episode of FCCTV that will air the following month on Cable TV throughout the Chicago Illinois US market.

Viola! It's that easy. 

We want to discover some new faces and expose them to millions on Cable fashion week TV! 

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