Valentino couture SS16, a glorious old world presentation, as past seasons. Can Valentino make this relatable to our modern Haute Couture Buyer?

Valentino Couture SS16 was another experience that transcended time and space and reminded us of the glory of the Holy Roman Empire getting in touch with the Grecian root culture in full force. These garments although being less severe and definitely more whimsical, yet he power behind this history is still there. It is real, it is empowering.

Although last collection was a personal favorite by far, while being fascinated by the dark religious overtones, being vulnerably honest I am glad Valentino left them out this time around, they kind of creeped me out. The line between fantasy and reality is often too fine when it comes to such issues. Yet the darker side of mainstream religion is emerging into the light of mainstream culture further and further each year.

Again being Spring Summer, the collection is lighter, his robes in here are beautiful! The Tapestries insanely intricate and perfect for the chilling climate change we have been experiencing in the northern lands! The garments although lighter carry just as much weight and power with the history behind them.

So the Valentino couture SS16 question of the ages is....

Can they be worn by the modern women, the haute couture buyer?

Fast Forward to the Oscars 2016, let's ask Olivia Wilde. The epitome of the modern women that purchases haute couture.

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Doesn't she look fabulous in Valentino Couture SS16?

Remember that what you see on a haute couture runway is to inspire you and encumber the essence of the collection inspiration. You take design elements from that presentation, and what you walk away with, and on to that red carpet entirely depends on you! Your personal style, silhouette, and purpose.

So are these designs relevant, as in Modern? Yes! What would our future be, if we did not honor our past? Well the answer to that is becoming clearer everyday.

So Bravo Valentino couture ss16 we applaud you! I love history and the world of fashion needs to be in touch, that is what couture fashion is all about! Yes such a thrilling display of beauty and extravagance. We were so moved!

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