Valentino SS14 couture  ~ 
How to Break Time-Honored Traditions and get away with it!

Valentino  SS14 Couture! 

I still cannot believe it!  This was so weird......the Spring 2014 collection from Valentino Haute Couture has really turned the tables on the BIG TRADITION!  

For a few moments I thought this was their Autumn/Winter collection......I do not recall seeing SO many traditional Fall colors being used for any Spring collection before!

How do they get away with it? Well at Valentino they have been on the top of their game for so many years, they can now do whatever they want, although we still see them sticking to the rules of sheer see-through clothing which I am not a big fan of.

J-na personal style insight:

Nonetheless, if you work on developing your BEST YOU, and stay on the top of your game, you will also get to the point in personal empowerment when you too can break the fashion "rules" and get away with it!

Maybe they when drawing up Valentino SS14 couture, somehow knew that they would make Spring here is Northern USA would feel and look just like Winter. You know that fashion designers have to be at least a year ahead of everyone else. In Chicago it is still cold and snowy!

Valentino SS14 Couture:

Now I am all in favor of breaking old rules and traditions, as The House of Chanel has done for their Autumn 2014/2015 designs, with brighter wools and tweeds in refreshing hues, many which are usually used for Spring.   However,  I feel that a few  "drab" and muted Fall colors for Spring are OK, but really......these muted Fall colors in this quantity just does not "ring my bell"!!!

Winter here in the North is depressing enough, so I am all in favor of breaking the rules and using cheerful and brighter colors for Winter and Fall.  The converse of that, however, using muted colors for my favorite season of the year, just seems wrong!  Don't you think Spring should be a joyful celebration of new life and colorful flowers?  Bright and happy hues just magnify my mood and joy when Spring finally arrives!

BUT....Look at this variety of VIVACIOUS design elements in the Valentino SS14 Couture collection! This is AMAZING, this is what couture is all about. I know I am always going out on a limb questioning the limits of what haute couture has become. The main thing is to give your clients options in personal style that fit their persona. To me when the couturiers develop a collection based on slight adaptations of one or two looks....well no matter how intricate the design...that reminds me of ready-made!

Look at our runway photos,...we always show a variety of design concepts....sometimes we have people ask us if it is all in the same collection, we say OF COURSE! We present options in personal couture style!

Kate Perry loved Valentino SS14 Couture as a signature piece at the 2014 Oscars, as risque as her videos are, I am quite surprised she did not have it made completely sheer like the original design model. It is probably because they prohibit completely sheer gowns at the Grammy Awards.

That said, I really admire the feminine yet elegant lines that Valentino Haute Couture is so famous for.  

My favorite of this Valentino SS14 couture collection is this dramatic (even though in a muted grey hue) yet playful animal-themed gown and coat, which just makes me smile!  Who does not enjoy animals?

The pairing of a classic silhouette and color combined with a playful and young spirit~this really appeals to me! The soft sheer skirt embellished with textured 3-D wispy flowers and the very fun animals peeking out of the silk overcoat are a fitting salute to Spring!  I love this!

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What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

J-na always likes to break the rules too!

Now, I am always in favor of breaking the rules when it comes to Haute Couture, as long as they do not deprive us of the incredible joy and energy that Springtime brings!  So we designers in this team will keep paying our tribute to all the glory and exuberance that Spring and Summer deserve!

Even our Autumn collection is brimming with soft yummy colored silks, as this Plus-Sized gown done in iridescent silk chiffon shows.  We love how it moves on the runway....the stuff dreams are made of, right?  

j-na couture plus gown knit corset and silk chiffon with Swarovski.

Así que espero que nos veamos más de Couture Casas principales con colores frescos y energizantes para sus colecciones de otoño! Necesitamos toda la alegría y energía para resistir estos inviernos de Chicago, sobre todo la última! Tres hurras por el soleado y brillante de alta costura de invierno!

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New! Comments

What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

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