Summer Street fashion just started heading in a new direction with the advent of Social Distancing. What can we expect to see? 

Summer street fashion this season is highly anticipated. A time when everyone's worldwide freedoms have been limited due to COVID-19 and the newly notorious term "social distancing." Everyone wants to celebrate coming out of isolation with some hot new looks for summer. 

What can we expect? 

Now more than ever smart fashion enthusiasts and stylists have to communicate through what they wear, because the days of the casual handshake, hug, and kiss on the cheek seem to have ended. 

Can we fill the gap with fashion? Yes we can. Yes we will. Because this summer is all about bold! Bold color. Bold lines. Bold Texture. We are talking head turning, attention getting, connection making boldness.  

Let's start on the top trends. 

Number 1 Top Trend: The Fashion Mask. Top styling tips.

This is a new accessory for the majority of the people out there. Too many are getting hung up on whether it matches their outfit. The only thing I care about is: Does it match my eyes? 

1. Does it offset or make my eyes pop?

See Cal's fashion mask to illustrate. He picked the right color to make the green in his Hazel eyes stand out! A great color choice. It also matches his outfit, but more importantly it is the right color for his eyes.

2. Up-and-down lines. 

Up-and-down vertical lines make the face look long and thin. Horizontal lines make the face look wide. Who wants their face to look wide? Nobody. Enough Said.

Pubblicato da Gsb Men's Couture su Lunedì 11 maggio 2020

See how the up and down lines make Cal look super tall? 

This is the clean look that makes for such photogenic images. 

We are big on education and always use our chatting sessions with clients to give them tons of great styling tips because we value that they look and feel their best!

This is also a great photo to point out how we always use low and high interest to elongate the top to bottom line that our eyes create when looking at someone. 

He has the fashion mask up top and bright colored socks and a touch of neon in his sneakers. Doesn't it make him look super tall? 

The knit hot pants also help create this effect. We will talk about this summer trend next. 

Number 2 and 3 Summer Street Fashion trend are the knit bra tops with hot pants.  

Yes, we are expecting high temperatures this summer across the board. These were super prominent on the runways. Here are some of my designs as seen on the street. 

This silk and cashmere hand-knit bra top shimmers and gleams in the summer sun. It is a dream to wear on a hot summer day at a festival or out on the town. It travels so well. Knits are so practical for travel since they don't wrinkle. 

The hot pants in this summer street fashion look also have Swarovski dangles. Our clients are always one cut above and always ahead of the rest when it comes to summer street fashion trends and couture. 

The bra top summer street fashion craze doesn't get any hotter than this red and gold hand knit number. This design I made to be so luxurious and rich. 

The knit element brings so much rich texture to the look and it is so easy to style with. It makes for such fun possibilities. It can be dressed-up for a fancy evening or dressed down with a pair of hot pants for a look that is sure to turn heads as the wearer shines with glam on!

This is my boho-chic version of the bra top because that is the style that this fashion speaks. These fibers are so comfortable and breathe so well. No wonder this is such a big trend this year. 

This summer street fashion bra top incorporates some lace and creates such a distinctive artistic up and down line with the top to bottom macrame knit weave. 

This summer street fashion knit bra top is glam on as it has a Swarovski beaded halter collar that clips on to the belt. 

Again, these knit bra tops are so natural and earthy and so perfectly practical for travel with NO restrictions!

This knit bra top is out of bamboo and that is why it has that distressed look to it. Silk bamboo is quickly becoming our favorite design medium. It is so amazing to work with and it creates such a  beautiful and distinctive texture.

Number 4: The Crochet Dress with fringe. 

We really made this fringed crochet dress mainstream this summer. Such a fun look as a one piece or with a knit bra top. 

We are seeing this trend extend easily to fall with just a small adjustment in texture! Yes, we are so excited to be making more of these dresses for our international clients.

See the high end designer fashion outfit trending now through the pandemic period. Click here. 

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