Designer Bridal Dresses with the latest trend in wearable Technology? 
What your dress says about you visually, but can it speak for you virtually as well?

These are the Designer Bridal Dresses featured in the Bridal Issue of Obscurae Magazine. We are going to learn about the wearable technology that is becoming the latest trend forecast, our story as designers, inspirations, and empowerment.

This is the exclusive designer interview with the editor of Obscurae Magazine with my son and co-designer Cal Garcia.
This mom could not be prouder!

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Hello Cal, how are you this evening?

 I'm very well Thank You! I hope you are great too!

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You speak highly of your mother, did she teach you how to be a designer?

She sure did! After her tragic childhood accident, having been severely disfigured in a fire, she rebuilt her self-esteem and self-concept through fashion design and sewing at a young age. She has been on an empowerment mission since then building up and developing others to be their very best in personal style through custom clothing, this mission gradually developed into what is now known as j-na couture. She also felt strongly that her children learn a lot about design and fashion at a young age as well.

I can remember when I was 8 years old first learning how to knit, and going through sewing patterns helping mom pick fabrics and design gowns! To this day I incorporate creative knitwear into many of the design elements of my menswear line GSb Men's Couture.  

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 Other than your mother, what else has inspired you?

 Fashion Culture, the glamour of the finished presentation, the people out front and behind the scenes. All the creative vision, detail, and work that makes a presentation inspirational and noteworthy. Also being a guitarist and vocalist the Rock Culture and 90's inspired grunge influences also have a heavy influence in the fashions I put down the runway. Some of the staples in European Fashions from London, Milan, colorful elements from Madrid, and the impeccable silhouettes found in Paris. Health and well-being of the individual reflected through my vegan diet, and the state of the planet is also very important to me. We have large emphasis on eco-fashions and sustainable manufacturing methods.

Designer Bridal Dresses with Wearable Technology! Your guests can instantly tap into a thank you card, reception information, Photos, event page, and more right from their smartphone.

You said you make wearable technology, can you go more in-depth about that?

Yes, this is what I am definitely most excited about lately, the possibilities of where wearables will take us in the near future invade the peace and renewal of my deepest REM sleep cycle, causing me to restlessly jump up and start jotting down notes hahaha! 

We discovered a way to enable what we wear to not only make the best visual statement about who we are, but also say what we want said about us on the virtual level through smartphone readable NFC Technology.

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What if your peers and new acquaintances could instantly and quite literally tap into all the relevant information you wish to share about yourself from social media to personal or professional info, right on their smartphones through clothing or accessories? We developed a platform where this is now doable and quite user-friendly thus eliminating the need to use or carry around a paper business card. Taking this one step further what if your bag, cuff, or jacket could discreetly pay for dinner and a night on the town through the tap-and-pay feature that we are seeing all over the media? We are also using this fantastic wearable technology to spread the message on the charitable initiative movement that we are launching through a sub-brand of men's smart-ties and cuffs supporting moms in Latin America.

Eco-Spa Designer Bridal Dresses Client Experience!

How long does it take you to construct such designs

Well it's funny that you ask this, because if you take for example our Interactive Eco-Spa Gowns, every step of the gown making process that starts with the Spa treatment, to infusing into the bodice lining many of the healing properties of the mud body-wrap so that the dress treats your skin when worn, all of this is video recorded, so when your peers tap the gown with their smartphone they can see a fast-forward video snippet of the custom gown being made, start-to-finish. The video snippet only lasts one minute or less, but I can assure you that the gown process took at least three to four weeks to complete along with editing the video and programming the tech. Once the Tech is fully programmed though it can be updated daily with the latest thing you wish to promote easily and instantly.

What design wear do you cover? Is it just Couture fashion, or other fashions as well?

What you see in our runway shows is very couture inspired with an art-to-wear vibe, but since we are based out of Chicago, we do end up designing a lot of conservative timeless pieces for local men and women from day-to-evening wear. We also do select one-of-a-kind ready-to-wear accessories that we sell through boutiques and select runway samples through select boutiques.

Do you sew and fabricate your designs, or do you construct the concept behind the design?

Yes I do, that is important so as not to lose touch and see that your design is developing as you envisioned, and if it doesn't then you only have yourself to blame.  

How long did your mother take part in designing?

She has been designing for most of my life, so that is more than 25 years, I will just say so as not to give myself away!

Unique Designer Bridal Dresses! How do you know which is right for you?

Did your mother do many of the same designs you did when she designed, or was it different?

We have very distinct design aesthetics. She loves cultural and time period fusions east meets west styling and I am into more post-modern creative avant-guard designs, we both agree and come together in that we love rich texture and knit elements.  We make a very complete rounded out design team.

 What made you want to do the designs you do today?

The art and expression of the craft, and the desire to help people be their best and bring out the best in them outwardly. The empowerment!

 What made you want to do the designs you do today?

The art and expression of the craft, and the desire to help people be their best and bring out the best in them outwardly. The empowerment!

Do you have any advice for upcoming designers?

Yes, be as persistent as the Chicago winter is long! While taking and applying constructive criticism, don't let anyone put you in their box.

 Do you have any last words you'd like to share with your audience?

Yes, as you embrace what is new, now, and up-and-coming, never forget who you are, and where you came from. Be true to yourself, and let what you wear outwardly be a testament to that truth. Never stray away from engaging into a deep conversation with a reputable stranger on the street at any given random moment in time, it may change your life forever!

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