Couture week Chicago was totally inspirational! The "Our Precious Universe" art couture runway was astonishing!

The Couture Week Chicago was yet to see the like of this Art and Couture Fusion on the runway, the Axwell house song "Leave this World Behind" was the audible backdrop to this stunning presentation entitled, "Our Precious Universe."

Artist Christy Corso of Corso Studio's was so inspired by the out-of-this-world originality of her j-na couture gown and the 2013 collection, that this creative energy was channeled into a series of art sculptured lanterns and head-pieces that would highlight the uniqueness of the collection and the splendor of our precious universe on the runway!

She said,"The deep rich hues of Purples, reds, golds, silvers, and blues really brought the idea of the universe to life! Something that would highlight and compliment the collection and bring attention to the Art of Couture. You got me back into woodworking and motivated to teach the kids of the Heritage Youth Foundation about the arts!" 

Here are some of the runway shots presented in an empowering storyboard:

Feel free to listen to the Axwell house song, "Leave this World behind YOU," while you read this fantasy story for the FULL impact of this runway experience.

Click the song from youtube.

The alien Princess with the lantern of Hope for our precious universe! j-na couture runway presentation.

See the "Our Precious Universe Couture Art Production in ATL City Fashion Week along with other Art Runway Couture Inspirations from Versace 14, Dior 07 and More.

The Alien Princess Emissary with the Lantern of Peace and Prosperity,.....

Is Greeted by the Classic down-to-earth Chicagoan at the W Hotel City Center rooftop before the Chicago Couture Week show starts, and proceeds to to enlighten the elegant and learned women on the Wonders of Creation far from what she calls home!

j-na couture navy two-piece day evening zipper dress with chain. 2013 runway.

Then suddenly the Emissary from a more exotic earthly destination arrives and states,....... " I am fit for exploring the wonders of our precious universe, in fact, I have reserved a seat on the maiden voyage of the first space trip  for tourists launching this season. See that my favorite colors that look best on me are reminiscent of the night sky!"

j-na couture vintage Gatsby dress with feather and fur mermaid. 2013 runway.

Then the Emissary from our Precious Universe says, (Axwell Song): 

"People, can you hear me, there's a message that I'm sending out! A solution to all your problems, and tonight I'll be singing it Loud!....Just surrender yourself to the Rhythm, put your hands up in the sky,....feel the energy deep inside your system....and LEAVE THIS WORLD BEHIND! 

Leave the world behind you!

Alien princess j-na couture 2013 runway shot Corso Studios LED head-piece tropical wood box.
Runway to Axwell Song LeaveBehing you, couture week 2013.

See as the story continues to unfold to a dramatic conclusion at Chicago Couture Week!

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