Chicago runway haute couture and the "Our Precious Universe" Light Sculpture Storyboard.
Part 2:

The runway haute couture for Chicago Couture Week was the platform of a historic Art Sculpture Presentation with models holding amazing lanterns in tropical wood from Artist Cristy Corso, of course dressed in j-na couture! LED lights and Tropical Wood haute couture headpieces set the stage for an experience not often seen in the landlocked fashion conservative plains of the great Midwestern USA city of Chicago. Even the highly commercial runway themes out of New York are not even graced with such great care and Artistry!

Let's pick up the Story line where we left off in our storyboard of Liberation from the World of unspoken slavery to the latest ready-made planet-ruining industry trends that do not empower the individual, but render them a permanent faceless follower.

The Part One introduced the scene where the Alien Princess with her Lantern of Peace and Prosparity arrived at the W Hotel City Center during the haute couture runway fashion week to not to "abduct" unwilling humans, but to offer to take a few worthy and willing volunteers to explore the unknown universe of personal couture individual style away from the heavy gravity like rules of the ready-made social norms.

The Drama continues with part 2 of the runway haute couture:

The  Alien Princess Emissary stated to the first two candidates to explore the wonders of the couture precious universe and the power of personal exclusive style:

 "If you are to come with me, you must answer this question well and tell me since both of you are preciously unique.......

My question is: Where in the precious universe would you go to define yourself and your individual uniqueness?" 

The Alien Couture Princess with j-na and Cosro Studio's head piece.

The down to earth Chicagoan responded, "Well to define myself I go to the only place I know of on Michigan Ave at Macy's, and sometimes I will venture to an private local designer on Oak St to see what they have available."

Then the Emissary from the more exotic location answers, "Where I am from, we don't have a Macy's but we do have the luxury equivalent and I make sure I only buy the latest trends in color and styling, and oh yes, it has to fit just right or I don't buy it, which can be a challenge for a woman of my stature." 

Then the Alien Princess stated: "Well as they say in your language...I regret to inform you that....... neither of you are ready to explore the wonders of the universe, for you still must venture out of the world of hurt that the ready-made industry has inflicted upon your thinking , heart, and self-image."

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Then the next two candidates for couture universe exploration were given audience before the alien princess at the runway haute couture.  She once again asked them in her alien tongue that 5% of humans speak, "Ladies, who are you and how do you define yourself in fashion?"

The first of the new candidates answered:  "What I do is not just simply window shop and browse the internet for trends, I explore the options available in search of new ways to express the message that tells my story and aspirations. In fact my best color happens to be green, and because we are what is called "new money" on our planet I choose a look that my husband and I can both celebrate."  

Then the princess replied, "Wow fair lady, you answered most wisely, and your inspiration and success must be celebrated, in line with your very best couture concept I am now scanning your body measurements and you are now granted a matching couture outfit for you and your husband. Also, your wish to explore the wonders of creation beyond your natural world is approved!"

The couture for new money couple, j-na runway 2013

The Celebration ensued as the excited and adventurous couple approached the end of the runway haute couture.

Then the next candidate had audience before the emissary to answer the same question as to determine whether she would be ready to leave this world behind, the small world of ready-made oppression.  

  She said that she defines herself through custom concepts,  and loves to celebrate her cultural background and royal dignified elements. Her ethnicity being Chinese and her favorite cultural element being from Indian Couture.

The Emissary stated: Come with us and walk with the lantern of Peace and Prosperity down the runway haute couture to step aboard our ship to explore the precious universe!

The magic lantern of peace and Prosperity will renew and prepare your cells for the wonders of space travel, also bridging the gaps in the development of your best couture concept.

j-na couture runway inspirations cultural indian asian mexican french fusion.
An Asian Royalty in a j-na couture cultural fusion with a Corso Light Sculpture. Runway Inspiration.
An Asian Royalty in a j-na couture cultural fusion with a Corso Light Sculpture. Runway Inspiration.

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New! Comments

What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

New! Comments

What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

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