Unique wedding dresses for their styling, wearables features, and eco-fashion! Exclusive and accessible? Yes!

Unique wedding dresses for the women that want not just to always remember their special day, but who want to remember their special day for being legendary wearing an exclusive style that no women can copy.

For the women that want to wear a dress that literally makes them feel relaxed and good because of the dress' herbal and organic properties.

A vegan wedding dress that is equip with custom programmed wearable tech with practical features to help a lady out on her special day so she doesn't have to worry about forgetting anything. 

This is an exclusive style that we developed here over five years ago at J-na Couture Fashion House. Although many designers have tried to copy this technique, nobody came come close to the original. 

We hand weave the tulle fabric into a custom ombre graduated shades of color in a gown. With this technique we literally use hundreds of yards of tulle to create the volume and the effect. We can manipulate the shape of the dress into almost anything. The sky is the limit on the drama that we can create. 

The sky is also the limit on the subtlety that we can create with traditional wedding dress design with some subtle unique wedding dress details in an almost invisible ombre color graduation. However, this type of dress favors the bold. 

The unique wedding dresses with wearables features. 

The wedding dress has NFC tap-and-connect, tap-and-pay, and tap-and share technology. Smartphone readable and transmittable. This is a really cool platform. 

Many savvy brides have used it in a variety of ways:

  • Share a personalized thank you video with guests as they come up to greet and congratulate.
  • Share a slideshow with a trip down "Memory Lane" of how the couple met and notable moments of their life.
  • Connect the guests to a trivia game of multiple choice or true or false fun facts about the couple.
  • Connect guests to the official wedding fan page where pictures can be shared.  
  • Share the wedding and reception program along with location and directions.
  • Easy access to reminder lists and the wedding program.
  • Easy access to vows speech. 
  • Easy access to toast speech. 
  • Tap-and-pay for an incidental expenses without having to fetch a physical purse with a wallet. 

Just to name a few custom possibilities. 

The unique wedding dresses with spa treatment properties. 

The corset of the dress is infused with essential oils, spa treatment herbal and detox properties to keep our unique bride feeling refreshed, cool, comfortable, and relaxed. She is feeling, smelling, and looking fabulous.

These brides also treat themselves to a spa treatment while getting married. Pampering themselves early before the honeymoon starts is a good idea. For a day that can potentially be full of stress and pressure, these features are a lifesaver. Find out more about these amazing features on my spa dresses page. See the one of my spa dress collections on the runway. 

Are the unique wedding dresses also accessible in terms of couture?

Yes! Absolutely! A client's best version of this unique wedding dress fully loaded with all eco spa treatment and wearables features generally comes out under the three thousand dollar price point. In terms of couture that is entry level rock bottom pricing for a custom wedding dress.

Let's chat about this dress design! 

We design this dress maintaining social distancing. All of our custom couture commissions are done using our no physical contact procedure. It is fantastic and efficient. We have been using this method for a few years now and our clients love it since no fittings are necessary. 

Using 3D printing technology a scan is taken of the clients body and a mannequin is printed out based on that scan. This real life dress form is so precise that we can design a dress with a perfect fit with no fittings needed. Skip the drama and go straight to the wedding! The already fitted dress arrives at the clients doorstep with time to spare. 

It is a fast carefree process now and we are loving it. 

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