The Eco Fashion Vegan Style Experience that is revolutionizing the high-end Spa Experience on an international scale!

What is it that defines Eco Fashion? It is a vegan fashion that is handmade and does no harm, no imprint on the planet. It is a fashion that is made from vegan materials meaning cruelty free. It is a premise based on healing, this new wave and trend in eco fashion is taking these values and ideals to the pinnacle of new heights!

It's called the Eco-Spa-Dress Experience. The latest thing in the eco fashion movement!

This is what happens to make the experience so beautifully healing, luxurious, and ultimately the kind of responsible that inspires legacy.

1. The Client Makes the style consultation. We conduct the personality analysis, color draping, and style plan.

2. We book your spa day at one of our 5 star spa affiliates. The day arrives for your eco fashion luxury experience together with a variety of organic spa treatments centered around healing and rejuvenation.

3. The exact dress form for your dress is taken from the organic body-wrap. Your hemp silk gown takes shape even before your eyes as you witness the first stage of the dress-making process take place before your spa-treatments are complete.

4. Your Gown is finished, embedded with many of the same organic herbal properties in the organic cotton lining for full breathe-ability and absorption of the ongoing spa-experience continuing to heal your body as you wear the gown to your gala or red carpet events.

5. The last step in the eco mode process, your gown is also embedded with the smart phone readable tap-and-share wearable tech, empowering you to share the eco moda message instantly with your peers. You can also share your information using the dress as your virtual business card, direct peers to your social media, charitable initiatives, favorite content ect. all from one platform. We even document the dress making process, and prepare an accelerated video snippet that your smart-dress can share.

Book your Eco Fashion Spa Gown Experience.

The Eco Spa Gown editorial, presenting boho chic editorial fashion-forward styling.
"The art of healing!"

J-na Couture Spa Gown Expierience

Hemp Silks are sourced, the iridescent properties are alway illuminating!


Eco Couture Spa Gown

When you wear the spa gown your skin tingles slightly as you can feel the herbal properties are absorbed through the organic cotton lining! Aroma therapy is another healing element in our equation. Our preferred blends are cinnamon rum, with a few earthy essences such as myrrh. The other sensuous and relaxing preferred option is our lavender blend.

Swarovski Crystal Head Piece

Swarovski Crystals are prominent in our designs, hand knit into the bodices of the gowns and accessories! 

Eco-Couture Spa Gown j-na couture

Hemp Silk and Opulent Embellishments are always the norm! 

See the latest styles on the runway! This movement is so exciting. We love making traditional and conservative gowns, but for the runway and editorial presentations, as you know it is my passion to push the boundaries and go for completely inspirational! 

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