The Eco-Couture Smart-Gown that is a Spa-Treatment in the Making and the Wearing!
Could this be your best couture concept?

The Eco-Couture Gown that combines old world construction concepts in a way that has never been done before! Imagine going into the Spa or Salon for much needed Rest and Relaxation, receiving a renewing anti-aging skin treatment body wrap, then walking out with a fabulous Eco-Couture Gown.

One of the most innovative things about this process is that when you are wearing the gown, your skin is being treated with the healing herbs, and aloes. The Eco Couture Gown also smells like a delicious cinnamon rum cake, YUMMMMY!

The Making of the  Interactive Eco-Couture Spa-Treatment Gown ! Combining the Spa Experience with a Glamourous Couture Experience sure to cause a sensation at your next Gala or Red Carpet Event!

This Eco Gown has two very Empowering Positive Concepts that you should adopt.

  1. Sustainable ECO-Spa Treatment.
  • Your mind, body, and skin are renewed and healed from the beginning to the end of the process, and this is an ongoing healing because as you wear your eco-couture gown you are infact healing and treating yourself!
  • The Sustainable Fashion is handmade with herbs, organic cotton, and hemp silk, charged with positive energy being that no creature was harmed in the process.
  • You are sending the message to your social circles that it is fashionable, fabulous, and Important to dress responsibly and celebrate yourself in a positive way, empowering them to make better decisions in the development of their best couture concept.

      2. High-Tech NFC Enabled

  • You are combining the natural do-no-harm to the planet and those that live in it with a cutting edge New Technology that will soon be the norm in high-end Couture.
  • You can easily promote the Eco-Couture message to those around you as they tap  your gown with their smartphone. Your smart gown is NFC enabled and sends them the video of the making of the gown. 
  • You can easily at the click of a button on your smartphone program your gown to send them to your preferred social media platform or recommended book list, blog, event page, or commercial website.
  • This gown will brand you as the most forward women among your peers, that cared and values herself by treating herself to spa treatment in the wearing of the Spa-Treatment Gown. 
  • You are Branding yourself as being up-to-date in the latest advances in wearable Technology!

A Gallery of Eco-Couture Spa Treatment Gowns.
(click on photos t0 enlarge.)

Click here to request your Spa-Treatment Eco-Couture Gown at your treasured Salon or Spa here in Chicago, even in Orange County or New York, and we will even meet you in Marbella, Monaco, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. 

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