Just couture wedding gowns that have that jaw dropping pop please! Thank you and your welcome.

Some couture wedding gowns that women wear resemble off the rack with an expert tailor. No judgment here, for some women's circumstances that is very viable. However, this page isn't about that boring stuff. We aim to inspire the women that want their imagination stretched and challenged.

Grace Kelly's dress is definitely on the iconic list of couture wedding gowns that take our breathe away.

Wedding Dresses : Grace Kelly's satin and lace wedding dress made by the wardrobe department a...

This gown was designed by a Californian costume designer by trade. Let this be a lesson that arguably the gown of the 20th century was sourced by Grace locally, and not actually in Europe. Local designers love clients with the sensibility not to overlook their local people.

Audrey Hepburn's wedding dress was a dream like fantasy! So visionary at the time.

Tendance Robe du mariage 2017/2018 – Audrey Hepburn's wedding dress was a true classic designed by Pierre Balmain…

Mrs. Hepburn's gown is flawless, and has the unique design elements to elevate her look to the status of haute couture. What I love is that her first wedding gown was more commercial, where her second we can tell was for her, to honor her true self concept.

Bianca Jagger's Wedding suit makes her look like she was married yesterday! Again this look was made iconic.

Wedding Dresses : Bianca Jagger's white YSL Le Smoking Jacket with accompanying skirt and over...

The dropped V neckline and the masculine design elements are so relevant today, this was a couture wedding gowns moments that shaped fashion for the next 50 years to date. 

One of my favorite bridal couture runway moments with Linda Bautista in Chanel Couture. It inspired and influenced one of my designs on your left, the woven tulle wearable-tech couture gown.

The feeling of a princess and royalty can be emulated in couture, these designs of mine, are very compelling, and made my list!

What a beautiful way to express ourselves in such a personal moment, when we have the courage to be ourselves. To truly shine because that moment belongs to us. Rather than settling for expectations and caving to temptation to blend into the haze of mediocrity, the women that base the start of their new life and union with a touch of epic are the ones that honestly take control of their lives and live the big life of vitality.

We believe  that most women settle because their biggest fear is shinning. What kind of women are we deciding to be?

So let's learn the first step in Couture Development.

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