The Runway Couture is the Most artistic that high-fashion gets,.... but what about carrying  Art objects that also carry meaning?!!! OMG!!

The runway couture is where Fashion meets artistic collaboration at it's most glorious state! That is why we love it and are enthralled and captivated by the statements and sublime messages expressed. 

That is why it is so influential and trendsetting! Just plain ridiculously awesome! FUN in LUXURY mediums on the most beautiful creatures alive. It doesn't get much better!

Look at the Living Art Sculptures that Galliano was known for during the Glory Days of Dior Haute Couture. These Pieces are from Dior HC07.

Some say that the pieces are SOOO artistic that they become unwearable! These are the timid people that lack imagination and artistic creativity! YOU must not become one of them, and if you are, read on, because you must get past that!

I also have participated in Runway Couture art collaborations with our favorite International Artist based here in Chicago Cristy Corso. During such presentation we presented the living Art Sculpture "Olive O'Hara!"

I will release the full photos soon!

Living Art Sculptures in j-na couture for runway "Olive O'Hara"

However,.....Hold Phone...what about combining real luxury post modern Art objects that have meaning!
The "Our Precious Universe" collaboration
with Corso Studios and j-na couture!

Click on the photos to enlarge.

Artist Cristy Corso of Corso Studios idealized and hand-crafted these beautiful couture art object lanterns and head-pieces with organic plants sustained by Solar powered UV grow lights in a substantial dense tropical wooded art lantern!

j-na couture runway with Art objects from Corso Studios. Couture Head-pieces, a significant statement with an empowerment message.
j-na couture runway with Art objects from Corso Studios. Couture Head-pieces.

These couture art object head-pieces are heavy, and meant the signify the heavy loads that women through the ages have had to balance on their heads with timeless style and seemly effortless grace! 

See these Beautiful Art Objects signifying "Our Precious Universe for this runway couture art presentation up close, click here!

We know that couture is empowerment, liberation, and celebration of youself, we were SOO very excited to put together an Art Runway based on this significant message!

j-na couture art runway Cristy Corso Art Objects
j-na couture art runway Cristy Corso Art Objects in the Alien Princess Couture Mermaid.
Art objects on a Couture Runawy, interesting woven mermaids j-na couture.
j-na couture all original method mermaid art runway with Corso Studios.

Here are some behind the scene shots from the runway art and couture production with Corso Studios.

Here I am styling the grand finale of the runway couture presentation, "Our Precious Universe." 

J-na backstage in our precious universe Couture Art runway presentation.
Backstage at Couture night ATLC Fashion week's Art Presentation.

This Behind the scenes photo is great because you can really see the UV Solar lights as they illuminate and sustain the organic living moss organism.

The finale! With my son Cal and Artist Cristy Corso in her personal j-na couture gown.

The Atlantic City fashion Week Finalle with Corso Studios and J-na couture.

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