The runway couture week NYC fall 14 was a historic launch! Will this new Tech change the way couture is conceptualized?

The Runway couture week NYC fall '14 was so exceptional, the greatest platform in the United States was the perfect launch for a technology that we were honored to be the designers to showcase to the world! 

As an avid learner in our couture empowerment website, your self development in personal style is enhanced, now exists the technology to take this personalization to a virtual level, let's find out how. We are not talking about 3D printing or Body scans that make the construction process easier and enable designers to take measurements across continents.

We're talking about a practical technology that benefits the wearer of the couture garment. Let's expand ..... Couture is projecting your own message to the world, what you want to say about you, this includes illustration, style, fabric selection, design, construction, cultural elements, mergers period of time and the list goes on. However, in this digital age, how much of that translates to the virtual world, of course there are pictures that translate on social media platforms, but what about the people you meet in real life who are in front of you as you go on daily affaris?

These people actually see in real life in a much higher definition than is possible on a screen, they get the full impact of your couture fabulousness! This is the public that is more susceptible to suggestion of a look professionally and meticulously planned and executed that is authentically you! ........

How does the Runway Couture Week NYC Launched NFC enabled Couture Garment Concept Work?

How does this absolutely coveted concept displayed on the runway couture week NYC, that is almost fantastical for most transition to high-technology? This is how....We sew in an NFC enabled microchip into the couture garment. This enables the wearer of the garment to via their smartphone to program easily program the chip by easily copying the link into the app, (this can be updated daily infact.) The point of all this so that we those that you the wearer of the garment come in contact with can actually tap their NFC enabled smartphone to your garment and this will send them to the virtual destination of your choice.

  • You can send them to your virtual business card platform that comes with the app where they can call, email, facebook, twitter, or email you. 

Most of you will not want to be that accessible, so you can also:

  • Send them a personalized e-card as a thank you with the method of communication that is manageable to you. 
  • You can send them en invitation to an exclusive event you are organizing or attending.
  • You can send them your recommended book list.
  • You can send them to a personal video introduction to yourself and your ideals.
  • You can send them a video of the making of your couture garment so that they can appreciate the process. 

The possibilities are infact endless! You project the message that you want people to receive by what you wear, and then you literally send them the virtual message that you want them to receive.

Since we are all about empowerment, this is right along with our design values. We were glad and honored to include this tech in all of our custom garments and to infact launch this wonderful concept during New York Fashion Week. And the public just loved it! At couture Fashion week we exhibited and demonstrated the function of this brand new tech with our bridal couture showcase on the runway couture week nyc! 

The bridal gown for the runway is very innovative in the design concept, fusing in a classical 80's couture overtone in as a relatable transition to the New Era of Virtual customization. It contains over 400 yards of tulle fabric in it's construction.

Innovation all around! These are the kind of fusions that make fashion history. Here are some more advances in the latest Tech and Fashion Fusions launched from Runway Couture Week NYC to London Fashion Week.

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