Street culture fashion this summer is expressing all kinds of social messages.

Street culture fashion is taking on new meaning. It is not only adapting to the new normal but it is becoming it's own live platform to connect with others and communicate. 

With everyone wearing masks and keeping social distance street culture fashion is filling the gap between us with fun social slogans and messages. We can read what is printed on a shirt from 10 feet away. We can't see the smile on someones face under their mask, but we can see the fun fashion that person is wearing and connect that way. We can also see the smile in their eyes. 

We are noticing a lot of people making more eye contact on the street because of this. 

My son Cal ,using this new trend in street culture fashion, wanted to inspire people without using a slogan. 

He thought, "What says summer better than watermelon and palm trees?" So, he made a pair of over-sized watermelon tropical hot pants to show people that summer is not canceled!

Larger scaled tropical and fruit prints are and trending in street culture fashion. One of the major trends this season are hot-pants.

This kind of an outfit brings lightness and fun to a serious situation. We might have serious things on our mind that read through to our face, but we can wear something that makes us and others smile under their masks. 

Instead of packed city streets we are seeing more of this:

When you see Plaza Duomo in Milan this empty at midday you know the street culture fashion game has changed forever!

People are wearing things that tell other people about them, their qualities and what they like to do.

Cal, livening up the local street culture fashion with some bright statement pieces.

We are seeing more inspirational and protest messages.

This in English means: Become who you are. 

Connecting to and inspiring people from a distance with what we wear.

We are using the scan bar-code in our prints so people can scan our shirt and connect to our feeds.  We are on the brink of seeing a lot of new innovations come out of this and we are adjusting to many new norms in street culture fashion just like everything else in this world that is rapidly changing. 

Yesterday I was sitting in a favorite cafe of mine sipping a kombucha and I noticed a guy with a black t-shirt with a slogan in white that said, "Thinking of you." I loved it, what a great way to initiate a conversation from a distance. It is a short positive message to bridge the gap of social distance.   

Soon we will be rolling out a new sub brand of social couture t-shirts with many empowering messages that initiate social contact from a safe distance with wearables. We are accepting inquiries and comments on this idea. Reach out and let's chat. 

What kinds of new changes in street culture fashion and style is everyone noticing? Send a message or leave a comment below. 

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