Christian Dior haute couture dismisses John Galliano amongst the unveiling of fantasy 2011 spring/summer collection of classic Dior tradition.

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Christian Dior haute couture is arguably the most prominent of all couture houses internationally!

The name is almost synonymous with haute couture.

What is your review of Dior Couture 2011 collection? Are you inspired? Tell us! Or have you had the privileged experience of having a Dior couture model made just for you? Express please!

Look at the 1950’s reminiscent metro fantasy 2011 haute couture spring/summer collection designed by, at the time, John Galliano head-designer.

See the Top review by J-na of the 2011/12 fall winter collection! Will Dior measure up without Galliano? Share your oppinion! Click Here!

j-na couture fashion feather wrap inspired by Dior 2011

See j-na plush wrap with feather trim, that was inspired by Dior 2011 spring/summer color sequence below! Isn't it Grand?



The beauty, dignity, elegance of the sheer and adorned silks, in designs so voluptuously feminine, echoing the golden age of Dior Haute couture, that made the house’s designs iconic.

The news that John Galliano was suspended, the very week of Paris haute couture fashion week, and the unveiling of the collection, in the midst of the shocking controversy of video-recorded prejudiced statements made by Galliano at a café in Paris, would ultimately lead to the headline, "John Galliano Dismissed."

What an exquisitely beautiful collection, and at the same time, such an ugly chain of events that rocked the world of haute couture.

Isn’t it a shame to become so absorbed in creative genius, that you let your negative passions and prejudices consume you to the point of ruining your career and life, and bringing ostracism upon the good name of a couture dynasty?

This proves once and for all, that in the world of Haute Couture, it is not just the outward extravagance, but what lies beneath the surface of the fine fabric, the heart, and what is in it, that is of prime import!

Galliano should have learned from French Royal History, in the case of Marie Antoinette, when she said, “Let them eat cake,” they took her head off.

Although Galliano had indeed ascended to Couture Design Royalty, he was not above the demands of the outraged and appalled masses!

Would this mark the symbolic death of his Career? Heavily pressured Christian Dior haute couture did in effect, “take his head off,” when the headlines, “John Galliano Dismissed” reached an international news frenzy.

Only time will tell if this was the end, but what do you think?

What do you think of the whole Galliano/Dior scandal? Would you still buy Dior clothing? It is important to express, your important POV!

In the meantime, Christian Dior Haute Couture, has taken a hit in the sale of it’s Galliano haute couture.

Inter_SG4_DP4_440x285_Without Txt Inter_SG4_DP2_440x285_Without Txt

One of the only celebrities daring enough to wear Dior after such a scandal was Rihanna shown below at the Brit Awards.

As you can see it paid off for Rhirhi big time. She since landed several Campaigns as Mademoiselle Dior replacing Natalie Portman.  

As for Natalie Portman, the face of Miss Dior Cherie, after being thoroughly offended at the racial comments said by Mr. Galliano against her own ethnicity, made a statement announcing that she would be cutting all ties with the Couture House.

All-in-all, Dior haute couture house has shown no signs of slowing down in Galliano’s absence. It will be interesting to see how they make the full transition to a Galliano-free Dior in this year's fall/winter haute couture collection.

Christian Dior Haute Couture has been long since the paramount couture house, read up on the history of haute couture here!

Develop your best couture concept in couture living, see what J-na has to say about Couture Evening Wear

The fusion of cultural and time period couture has gone viral! Express, celebrate, and be proud of the diversity of whatyou identify with, mode haute couture!

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