Top 2011 fall winter couture reviews by expert designer J-na.

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Anne Vallerie Hash Top 2011 fall winter couture reviews!

In true understated Paris chic, Anne Valerie Hash brought her collection of sophisticated yet simple, luxurious, yet wearable couture designs to fans this fall.

Although very busy with her Ready-to-Wear line, she again showed her mastery of understated elegance in her haute couture line.

There were pantsuits and dropped-waist dresses in black and neutral colors, including quiet buff-colored silks with plunging waists and her signature one-shoulder


Bravo! Giorgio Armani dedicated his 2011 Fall Collection to the amazing spirit of the Japanese people and their traditions. With everything they have suffered in the last year, this is not only fitting, but very empowering. Not a few of us have always admired the Japanese spirit, surviving so many obstacles, while maintaining their unique dignity and style!

Armani has blended the classic Kimono style with a distinctly modern, if not European twist. Notice the "Obi"-like belts, shimmering silks, bold and striking prints and serene florals, mostly paired with black...for a striking and dramatic contrast!

Mr. Armani has truly captured the essence of Japan that we all,.... the word is envy! I feel awe at the classic grace and serenity that Japanese art and textiles have always elicited! And Armani must feel the same as I do, for his collection really translates that dignity and grace so powerfully....again.....BRAVO Giorgio!!!!

It was very hard to choose favorites and narrow them down for the top 2011 fall winter couture reviews! Here is the short list:

The color selection of this orange is superb and the texture of the cape is reminiscent of the scales of the Asian fish and ocean-life being damaged by the nuclear waste being spilled into the Japanese Coast. Almost as a mourning to the loss of wildlife.

Can you tell we are loving this orange! 

The use of these wrapped bow haute couture head-pieces is stunning yet also practical in that bringing the color prominently up is lengthening and flattering to a model sized silhouette, but especially so to a full figured silhouette.

Masterful use of couture  contour, shape, and forming of this peplum.

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Dior Top 2011 Fall Winter Couture Reviews!

After the disgraced yet brilliant designer John Galliano was dismissed from Dior, Bill Gaytten has stepped up to fill some pretty big shoes!

How can I put this politely? Poor Bill has bombed! It looks like an explosion in an ice cream factory! Over-sized gowns, messy, bulky, fluffy flounces, (for puffy bounces!) The whole thing looked thrown together....WIERD...and cheap!

And what's with the kid's toys on their heads? So clownish and bizarre!Let us hope Dior can find a real designer, and soon!

At least it was good for a laugh! .......See what I mean?

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Chanel 2011 Top Fall Winter Couture Reviews!

This season's couture collection from Karl Lagerfeld was purposely designed to reflect the fantastic evolution of legendary designer Coco Chanel through the exciting decades of her Couture Revolution.

In my opinion, Karl has truly captured her illustrious tradition.

With lots of black, grey, some blue and white, the very few electric pink designs really had shock value!

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