Fabulous Mode Haute Couture Goes Viral!

The whole world has gone bonkers for Mode Haute Couture with the advent of the internet, blogging and social media, plus the television Runway and Model competitions! It has never been as exciting and glamorous to be a designer and to FINALLY see the Old Rules broken....so many fresh new designs and fabrics and technology...it makes my head spin!

What I am so juiced up about now is Fusion Haute Couture, the blending of various cultures and time periods in exciting and unheard of ways! MODE: (according to Webster) a. A manner, way or method. b. The current or customary fashion or style.

I beg to differ, Mr. Webster! Who says Mode Haute Couture has to be CUSTOMARY fashion? Isn't tearing down walls and old CUSTOMS more fun? I certainly feel exhilaration at crashing through "Old Guard" barriers and fusing the beautiful traditional couture of many cultures and historical time periods....Vintage is Back in a HUGE way now!

Proenza Shouler did a fabulous collection inspired by the South West traditional fashions.

proenza schouler fall winter 2011 2012

Two of my sisters and their families live in Tucson Arizona, including artist and jewelry designer Alese Lea Taylor, my niece and a source of fresh, youthful inspiration! My best friend in the whole world, Patty, lives in Apache Junction near Phoenix, and my own daughter lives in Gilbert, AZ. Can you imagine how many trips we have made there? 

The West is a favorite influence for me, and I recently finished a Mode Haute Couture ensemble evening gown I jokingly call, "The Saloon Girl Goes to Paris"...of silk, tulle, feathers and gems...it even has a fur Capelet!

The model Stephanie on this editorial is so good at expression and the subtle emotion of a timeless beauty. 

Capes, wraps, and shawls are such a really wonderful solution to the unpredictable weather, and a great way to brand yourself as unique adding couture flavor to just about any  ensemble.

The time period couture textured trim of this silk taffeta time period Western piece is very appealing as a signature style. 

The best is always to have a shawl, cape, or wrap done in your best or favorite colors, in a custom and exclusive style that fits your personality and body style. Did you know you can now do all that is the online couture accessories shop.

Click on editoral  photos to enlarge.

The saloon girl in Paris editorial in j-na couture.
The unique textured trim of this silk taffeta time period old west piece is very appealing as a signature style.

Also, I hand-knit this American Native Wool Vest from a pattern (I rarely use patterns), but I just had to add 10 pewter buffalo charms and a row of carnelian and hematite gem beads!

I love to collect real American Indian jewelry!

But these turquoise stones begged to be made into a bold multi-strand necklace to match the vest!

haute couture vest hand knit in wool and alpaca mohair with gemstones fashion jewelry

A glorious example of fusing East with West is a street-length version of the Indian Sari, made with an Oriental blue and gold brocade.

warrior princess sari 2012 haute couture gown j-na

My daughter Kyla and I recently took belly-dance lessons...now that is a fun but rigorous exercise! We bought hip scarves trimmed in "gold" coins to shimmy and chime while we danced, and I fell in love with the Arabian midriff-baring styles which, to me, evoke visions of exotic and festive jubilation!

j-na haute couture separates animal print hand-knit top and accessories

To me, Mode Haute Couture is all about uniting and appreciating different cultures, peoples and traditions.

Mixing my all-time girlhood dream of becoming a beautiful Flamenco dancer dressed in red, and the brief Rock&Roll phase I went through....is this comfy but Diva-licious ensemble, the "Spanish Dancer/Rocker-chick".

Mode Haute Couture Fusion of Cultures and Time periods!

What influences do YOU love? What dreams and travel fantasies would you like to combine? There are NO limits as to what Mode Haute Couture ensemble we can create for you!

For a look at the j-na collection mode mode haute couture evening wear collections of gowns, separates, accessories, and jewelry Click here! (You can now customize your very own exclusive couture accessories in the online couture house! A little known secret treasure in personal style.)

To truly develop your very best haute couture concept and learn the secret of couture living start with return to the homepage for haute couture history 101!

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See the latest haute couture that just inspired me and I am sure will inspire you! Coutre Reviews

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