Enticing and Intriguing: The Haute Couture Editorial!

Why do we buy couture magazines? THE HAUTE COUTURE EDITORIALS!  I know I simply cannot wait to see the newest creations of famous designers, but especially the artistic drama of the couture editorials!  The mystery and striking images always leave a lasting impression!

We were happy to submit this haute couture editorial to several magazines this past January. We are very selective in the choice of which magazines to submit to.

We are on the mission of empowering people to express their true self and best concept through custom couture garments and distinguishing accessories. We do not wish to be confused in any way with the ready-made textile industry.

Two of which magazines that picked up an editorial are the following:

Fashion Couture Magazine                                  Keel Magazine

Fashion Couture Magazine

Fashion Couture Magazine is a worldwide exclusive Couture magazine that we are proud to say is based out of our home town of Chicago! This magazine has a very large following for it's niche upscale demographic.


Keel Magazine is a worldwide online Couture Magazine that is such a great platform for established and emerging designers. With correspondents in over 30 countries you will see such diversity in emerging couture areas such as South Africa. There is an editorial in this issue from South Africa shot at a wildlife reserve with elephants that is just STUNNING!

See the Behind the Scenes Video of this shoot put together by such a fabulous videographer Mariana Berbecaru!

J-Na Haute Couture from mariana berbecaru on Vimeo.

As you can see, I had in mind an exotic theme, of bridging cultural boundaries, and I adore the "East Meets West" concept in much of my designs!

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j-na couture editorial east meets west.

A vibrant silk "Ming Dynasty" dress in the cool radiant satins of the Orient.

j-na couture 2013 "Ming Dynasty" dress in the cool radiant satins of the Orient..

Here you can see a traditional layered lace skirt, with silk knit bodice, and mohair hand knit wrap.

Also, notice the hand knit airy yet warm Spring mohair and tulle fashion wrap!

This is a smart move for your breezy night and chilling air-conditioned events!

Keel Magazine with j-na couture editorial January 2013. Hand knit  couture.

The interest is brought up to the shoulders with a lace hand knit Swarovski mini-wrap dripping in Swarovski crystals.

Let's get a closer look at the gleaming Swarovski Crystals! In order to do them justice in a photograph you have to have the right lighting, it's crucial for the crystals to translate in print in the same gleaming, light throwing radiance as they do in real life.

So Lori Sapio our fabulous photographer for this shoot really spent some time on capturing the true brilliance of the Swarovski mini-wrap in this shot that we need to do time after time and again. We so appreciate her efforts!

Swarovski Mini Wrap light as air, dripping in Swarovski and gleaming bling and sparkle.


Here you can see an apple red silk chiffon gown with Swarovski crystal corset  bodice and dangles in a royal European style.

Couture Editoral 2013 j-na with silk sheer red gown and Swarovski Crystal Bodice.
Editorial for Fashion Couture Magazine Jan 2013 j-na couture.

Yet the bold and ultra-modern black and gold gown has an edginess that captures the eye.

These haute couture editorials demonstrate several differing attitudes, from the pale and soft pastels of the 3-D textured French Vanilla boa bodice and shimmering gold satin skirt, to the India-inspired midriff-baring black beaded "fur" bra and brocade pencil skirt. There is something here for every taste amd personality!

That is important! Why don't you invest in a personal design consultation, as we will find out what colors, styles, and materials work best with not only your complexion and shape, but also your personality, cultural, and period preferences! The one-on-one consult includes full personality profile.


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