Valentino AW15 couture! The most epic of all collections, because it is true to their roots! Do you celebrate your cultural background outwardly?

Valentino AW15 Couture is the collection of the decade, against the tapestry and wonder of Rome, the city that inspired it's greatness with the history of an iron clad empire. The collection's progenitor or in Italiano "progettista"  saw to it that all press and invited constitutes of the line's almost cult like following were privately flown in from haute couture week in Paris for the Valentino show in the Valentino Palace. 

This collection has a poetry to it that resonates through thousands of years of the struggle, conquest, and  the cultural beauty and significance derived from great victory.

The color scheme is very intensive and significant, the darkness if the mid-evil age, the red of the holy roman empire, and the green and  gold of it's conquered riches! The essence of Roman Glory.

The Valentino AW15 Couture Collection

Valentino-AW15-Couture (19)

These are definitely the showcase pieces, the cut is just incredible and the design elements are so serene. I have honestly never seen a black gown more done more beautifully than this, the simplicity and minimalism play a big part in the old-world glory! The Romance contrasts the fierceness, the birdlike delicacy, contrasted by the savagery  of wanton carnivore. 

Valentino-AW15-Couture (17)
Valentino-AW15-Couture (18)

Expressing our feelings through fashion is one important way to own up to them and work through them.

Have you ever felt conflicted and experienced contrasting emotions that you wished to express through fashion? 

The Accessories made for this collection are also very noteworthy, the roman gold leaf crowns and the lace-up sandals, just bring these gowns to life! A Captivating expression that has been on my mind as applied to design in fashion, art, and innovation. 

Valentino-AW15-Couture (15)
Valentino-AW15-Couture (3)

God is in the Details!

The delicacy and femininity in this collection is also reflected in the one shoulder strap and sleeve, it just fits so perfectly, so refined, and demure! I was certainly taken aback

Valentino-AW15-Couture (11)
Valentino-AW15-Couture (24)
Valentino-AW15-Couture (22)
Valentino-AW15-Couture (21)

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The Gold Fabric looks like it is actually real gold finished. The opulence of this haute couture is very fitting for the mobile demographic that appreciates and buys haute couture. Certainly a dying art, that is rare and highly valuable. The wearer of a garment of this caliber truly goes to another level of living that transcends the space and time so eloquently depicted by this collection of epic proportions!  

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