Valentino SS15 Couture, a story of folklore told through embroidery.
Will these design elements find their way into your wardrobe?

Keira Knightley wore this Valentino SS15 Couture piece to the 2015 Academy Awards and looked positively stunning. Kiera glowed as she showed off her new baby-bump in this soft, flowing dress with delicate floral embroidery and French poetry. She accessorized her ethereal look with Chanel jewels and headband, a perfect high-end combination in my opinion.

Valentino SS15 Couture is a fairytale and I am in love. Romance, art, poetry, and folklore were all present in the most recent haute couture collection and were presented in the most beautiful ways. This collection was loosely inspired by the biography of the famous painter Marc Chagall, who was a Russian emigrant, and the clothing follows his journey; from the smocked pieces and lush folklore embroidery to the dream-like dresses which depict some of his actual paintings.

Just last Fall I took a class on Pre-20th Century Costume, which covered the history of fashion and clothing from B.C times up to the 1890’s, and in that class I learned a lot about the clothing worn in medieval and renaissance times. The reason I bring this up is because from the first moment I looked at this collection I immediately saw multiple looks that had aspects from the time period. The show started off showcasing heavy embroidery and high collars reminiscent of Russian folklore, and moved to renaissance theme with the addition of corset like tops with added cap sleeves. The looks were kept updated and modern with the use of beautiful flowing and sheer fabrics.

The Art Inspiration behind Valentino SS15 Couture!

The Valentino SS15 Couture show ended with dreamy, elegant dresses that had sparkling motifs abound, from rainbows and sun rays to clouds and stars. The medieval theme was tied in in smaller ways with some dresses having lace-up corset backs and continuing the high waistline look. Ending the show in such a celestial way left me (and I’m sure the audience) breathless.

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From the intricate detailing and beading to the heavy embroidery, Valentino once again shows us what Haute Couture is really about, a high level of craftsmanship (It was stated in press reports that one of the dresses took 3,500 hours to embroider!)

When trying to choose my favorite look from the collection I had a very hard time narrowing it down to just one because there were so many gorgeous choices! The one I ended up picking as my favorite I have dubbed as the “Kite Dress”. I love the whimsical feeling of the entire dress and the fact that the chest piece is a kite itself with a small string of detail as the tail of the kite. The use of primary colors to me is very appealing and appropriate for the look and having blue as the dresses main color really makes me envision kites flying through a clear open sky. I especially love the back of the dress (which you can see peeking out from behind the blue and gold dress) and how strappy and open it is.

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New! Comments

What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

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